Do You All Wear Your Chanels to Work?

  1. If so which ones? I don't own any Chanel bags but I am curious as to whether you guys wear your bags to work. :biggrin:
  2. Well, I don't have a paid job, but I do have internships at very respectable medical establishments where I still have doctors who are "bosses" and "supervisors" who will have a say in my future. So, I have to dress professional, but I don't bring anything designer.But if I were an adult, I would want to look fabulous every day of my life and be the best dressed in every room. As for now, I am just some little nothing-kid in a room full of medical school professors.
  3. Yes, I bring my chanels everywhere. Whether to work or just to the corner store to pick up some chips. I think chanels can be worn to all places.
  4. I wear my Chanel everywhere as well! Chanel is my main bag =)
  5. Yes. Both my cambon and my classic flap go with me to work (not at the same time).
  6. I take my Chanels everywhere, too. Except my Mademoiselle tote, which has a vinyl bottom without feet, doesn't go to work with me. My office is in a converted warehouse space and I don't want to put my bag down on the concrete floor.
  7. Yes. I use my medium flap from the Soft Vintage Ligne to work sometimes.
  8. Definitely. I take my cambon bowler with me EVERYONE. Whether it is to work or just the grocery store.
  9. i take my cambon to work, but my classic flap is a little small for what i take to work so i haven't worn it
  10. NOPE. but Chanels are welcome at Club BagnShoo!
  11. I seldom wear mine, I don't want to ruin it, the leather is so beautiful and soft and it was my graduation gift from law school, I want to keep it pristine forever.
  12. I bring my Souple purse to work everyday, it's so durable, I love it. However I turn the Chanel hardware towards me so my boss doesn't see that I carry a Chanel bag - I don't want her to think I'm making *too* much money otherwise I'd never get a raise!!!! :lol:
  13. So interesting, anyone bringing their REPORTER to work :cool:
  14. I do, and I might have the most casual job of members here. I am the Program Manager of a corporate fitness center, so my Reporter goes to the gym! Can't get it to do a workout though - it prefers to sit on top of the file cabinet in my cube and stay out of harm's way. Luckily no one at work really knows or cares about a Chanel bag, so I never worry about it getting stolen or gawked at. :biggrin:
  15. No, a couple of my Chanels are too cutesy for work.