Do you all love this pochette?

  1. I do! :heart:

    Want it on the ****** today, but banned.....:yucky:
    pochette charms.jpeg
  2. Yes I love it, love all of the charms bags. Kittilaroche has one!
  3. I love taht color! I think it is sooo stunning! I agree with you, I am also in a ban! My mom promised me a new purse for Christmas though!
  4. I have the Charms pochette but, in Taupe. I think Rebecca (LVbabydoll) has this color Pochette! : )

    I think this line is so pretty! : )
  5. it is gorgeous but, aren't you on a ban...walk away from the LV..right now!!!
  6. I love the charms, too.
  7. I am thinking about getting a cles in this line. But its really pricey....
  8. Yes Pug. You're right. I'm a walkin... just a talkin....
  9. I have this along with the matching cles (also a set in taupe!)...the charms line is gorgeous :love:
  10. I have this pochette in this color and the cles. Both pieces are lined in gorgeous leather so that could be why it is on the high side.
  11. I DO!!! :heart:

    Like Nola said, I got it a few weeks ago and I'm absolutely in love.

    I never liked the Pochette until then, but the deal I got was just too good to pass so I went for it.

    Didn't think that I can fit so much in there, but it's really amazing. I found a new obsession: Pochettes :graucho:

    My next one is already on it's way: The Panda should arrive on Thursday. Yay!

    I'd say def. go for the pochette charms if you get a chance it's well worth it
  12. yeah girls, I want it, it is Totally gorgeous, and so is the cles,,, and the leather that it appears to be lined in, quite yummie. It's a keeper for sure, maybe it will be the one once the ban is lifted, kittie, so cool you got a good deal... I love small purses and being able to pare down. This pochette is TDF! and, elle, I hate you! haha, just kidding.... i'm not even jealous, just happy for you...both sets!!!!! wow. but, WANT MY OWNNNNNNN!!!:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  13. i don't like it :blah:. the vinyl makes it looks tacky
  14. I HAVE been wondering about that from the beginning, but it grew on me, just wasn't sure,,, if the shiny was actually creepy or not...
  15. I LOVE the charms pochette.. love it ! Especially in the pink.