Do you admit to buying off eBay to people?

  1. I finally got my first LV :smile: I feel weird saying it's off eBay, though. It's in such excellent condition I could get away with saying it's mine. I just feel weird saying I got it off eBay.

    Just wondering if anyone else just plain doesn't say they did, or if you just name a close LV store or something when asked.
  2. Oh gosh no, If I truely find a bargin on a LV- I am proud to state that. eBay gets enough bad rap- its nice to say something positive...
  3. I do!
    A lot of people buy LV from the boutiques only but I don't care what they think any ways, as long as I know my bags are real. IN fact, people are so jealous of me all the time because they think I get great deals on eBay!
    I have a friend who ONLY buys LV from the boutiques (his mom spends thousands every month!) and he's always like "OMG that is SUCH a good deal!"
    My boyfriend's mom recently asked me to look for LV on eBay for her, too!
  4. It depends on who I'm talking to. My close friends know I buy stuff off ebay, and they always like to hear about the deal. I don't really discuss where I buy my bags with anyone else, so I guess I don't have a problem with it! :biggrin:
  5. I would have no qualms telling people I got the authentic LV from eBay - what's there to hide - you should pride yourself that you managed to get such a great deal online and could suss the fakes from the authentic deals - not everyone can do that - thousands fall for fakes all the time :smile: And besides, LV is making wayyyyyyyyy too much money off people worldwide!
  6. I take pride in it, lol! My absolute favorite bag, my Petit Noe in Epi Fawn came from ebay and it was $600 off retail!! And... it was brand new! Now that is something to be proud of! I do also get things in the boutique so I'm an an all access LV gal!
  7. Yeah, I got my mint condition Vanilla Jasmin for almost 1/2 off retail too!!
    That HAS to be my favourite purchase so far.
    I didn't really like the colour at first, but now it's growing on me...I LOVE this bag!
  8. I purchased my BH on ebay as well as several other LV bags and accessories. I tell people that I get them on ebay and they are always amazed that I can get like new LV pieces for discounted prices. I love a good deal.
  9. Of course ! Nothing wrong with that.. I always love a deal ! :graucho:
  10. I once told my g/f that I got a bag off ebay, and immediately she was like...." It must be fake."

    :wtf: :yucky:
  11. I do, sometimes even if I hadn't. In my profession, and in my social circle, spending more than a couple of hundred dollars on a bag is considered frivolous.
  12. I love a deal sometime I have to tell it's from Ebay to DH eventhough it's not..LOL..

  13. Ditto, I think as long as you do your research, why not??
  14. I don' have any problems with saying I bought off ebay.
  15. Ticklemethu-- your pic of the dog and kitty is so cute!!

    To answer the question of the poster, I have never purchased a bag off of Ebay. I get way too much of a rush buying from the boutique!! :smile: