Do you add charms to your mk bags? Do you decorate your mk? Show us!

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  1. Stealing this thread idea from another forum because I wanna see how you guys decorate your bags!
  2. I just got my set set, so the only thing I have added is a purple flower BBW hand sanitizer
  3. I'll offer mine up!


  4. That is too cute! Where did you get it?
  5. My BBW flower hand sanitizer
  6. Thank you! It's a Juicy Couture charm! Here are my others, I apologize for the picture quality, I had to use my iPad.

  7. Also I had to Macgyver the skull charm for the picture so please excuse that as well.
  8. ^ That bumble bee is adorable! I never thought about adding charms to my bags because I love them as is, but I think that something small like that adds a cute and personal touch.
  9. Found some cute keychains to attach to my MK bags

    They don't have the same hardware but I thought it still looks cute.
    And for when I decide to keep this pearl gray Selma...
  10. Oh my gosh they're so adorable! I can't find any with the hook clasp. They're all just round key chains which make it difficult to attach to the bag.

    I love them all!
  11. I love that! The color is so cheerful!

    I love those. Very cute!

    Those are awesome! Where did you find those? Are they a certain brand of kechain? Too cute!
  12. I've used the short ball chain (like those used on the coach hang tags) to attach those types of key chains to a bag. Works pretty good.

  13. Thanks. I love Daisies and this reminded me of them. It is still snowing here in the middle of April, so I need cheering up
  14. Juicy charm

    Coach fob

    Attached Files:

  15. Thanks! I love them all too! I found them in Vegas I just can't remember which hotel gift shop I got it from - either MGM or Excalibur.