Do you add charms to your Bbags? Do you decorate your B-Bags? SHOW US!

  1. I want the pumpkin LV keyfob for my bbag - I have no idea the specs on it though :sad:

  2. ^^ i love these, where'd you find 'em?
  3. Found a photo on eBay - I think this would look so cute on a black bbag!!!

  4. i am determined to find and buy a charm for my bbag today...
    i made one but it is so ugly, i feel bad to have my bags be seen with this ugly handmade charm on.
  5. I LOVE the Jack & Lucie LV keyfobs! :graucho: They are just too cute. On a black bbag you could def. pull these off year round.
  6. Sgaotw

    Love The Bv Chain!!!!!!!
  7. Any suggestions for a charm for a Blueberry? I like cutsy stuff (e.g. hello kitty, kitties, hearts, etc.) I saw that dragonfly charm but decided it was maybe too light for blueberry.


    What does anyone think about adding one of these charms to some plain non color juicy and disney coture charms to my blueberry?

  8. I know!!!! :crybaby: I have a small obsession with Jack the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas - and this keychain just so brings me back there! I want so bad! But at this time in my life, I just can't rationalize spending that much on a keyfob :crybaby:
  9. l_B I like the one on the left. I love the Jack and Lucie but I just think that the price is silly when there are so many others that are nice too. I like a lot of the juicy ones too. They are small so they are understated but nicely made and some are real attention getters. I particularly like the seahore, lipgloss and the cherries. The seahorse would look great on green bags.
    I found this online and I like this one because it the color of the metal matches the hardware on the bags. I think you would have to get a bigger lobster claw but they are cheap on eBay.
  10. :love: What about one of these for my Sky Blue Twiggy? I am going charm crazy today.
    BC03S6Blue_general.jpg tt-candy-Barbie-Springtime-Heart-BIG.jpg
  11. This one is a bit pricey but might look nice on several color bags.
  12. I :heart: :heart: :heart: the one on the right.

    I love this thread. This is going to be fun and there are going to be a lot of Bbags getting some interesting charms. ;)

  13. They also have it in black and pink. What about that for my black city?
  14. Oh what a lovely and very inspriring thread, I want too try some charms to my first! I'm loving everyone's charms and bbags :love: