Do you add charms to your Bbags? Do you decorate your B-Bags? SHOW US!

  1. :tender: SOOOOO cute!
  2. Adorable!
  3. copulating crayfish! ha! visual! charms on mine. oh wait, I have the Chloe skull charm hanging on my black City...forgot about that.
  4. Personally, I 've gone back and forth on it. I have a metal hang-up and can't seem to deal with two different colored metals on my bags. I have some juicy charms and I use them on my LV bags and I have a Hermes that I use on my Hermes bag but I just can't seem to put a charm with gold or silver hardware on my b-bag because it doesn't match. I know, wierd!![/quote]

    Not weird at all!!! I was thinking the same thing about using my LV inclusion speedy keychain as a charm but the gold seems too bright for the pewter! I will probably get over it though since it's cute!

    Btw, annanas, loooove the copulating crayfish. LOL!
  5. :yahoo: Oh thank you! I did it in a hurry because I had to pick the kiddies up from school! I love wearing it as a bracelet, but with it not being real gold I am not sure if it will hold up very long that way. I design jewelry as a hobby, so I have everything I need. The ends are attached by sterling silver pierced earing loops! It's giving me all kinds of ideas. I could use all different charms, chains, and materials. The keychain is a little pricey to make a bunch with, but it's easy to remove, move to another bag, or put back on my wrist! I do love the colors! Custom orders anyone?!
  6. :yes: Here is a necklace by LV called Sweet Monogram Pendant. I have worn it on the strap of my LV high heels as well. I seem to have problem using things for what they are originally intended for!
    IMG_2640-1.jpg IMG_2644-1.jpg IMG_2660-1.jpg IMG_2694-1.jpg IMG_2706-1.jpg
  7. OK now I need that too!:yes:
  8. OMG...your pink and magenta babies look so great together...what a lovely start to your B-bag collection...and I love your embellishments! :smile:
  9. (sorry if the picture comes out big. im not completely sure how to attach pics.)

    i used a bottega veneta metal keychain to decorate my black weekender.[​IMG]
  10. Wow, sgaotw, your bag rocks!
  11. Deana I love the LV on the bag.:heart: So pretty. I like this thread. :yes: I think it's going to be fun.
  12. You HAVE to tell me how you got the Sweet Monogram pendant to be a charm!! I loved the pendant, even bought the earrings, but couldn't figure out how to do anything with the pendant so I never bought it!! That is so cute!!

    You are really making me miss my magenta!! I hope I can come across a city soon!!
  13. I think decorating is a way to keep from buying new bags (and help save the bank account). It makes the bags you have look new and different. heh I'm kinda worried about the snow though, because it snows a lot here and I still wanna rock my B bags. Maybe I'll dress my bags in cashmere Fendi scarves.
  14. With all of the talk of bag charms I decided to play with some of the many I have here at my house. I put my Juicy cherries charm on my blueberry and then my Hermes "Chain of Love" on my sky blue. Nothing was jumping out as matching my chocolate brown so I tried a Coach heart I played around with and made a charm out of. I really do like the cherries on the blueberry bag, I may leave them on there!



  15. Luvs they look fabulous. I love that little extra fun touch. If you don't care about brand names and want to get really creative, you can buy the big lobster claw clasps and take a a long earring apart and attach the lobster claw. The possibilities are endless. :yes: Of course use cheap earrings.:lol:
    Like these:
    eBay: ONE INCH LARGE LOBSTER CLAW CLASPS GUNMETAL BLACK (item 230017692456 end time Oct-10-06 11:13:41 PDT)

    Picture this on a bubble gum pink Bbag.:graucho:
    eBay: NEW MOP/Shell Hot Pink/Copper Chandelier Earrings BOHO (item 110038803623 end time Oct-05-06 19:58:05 PDT)