Do you add charms to your Bbags? Do you decorate your B-Bags? SHOW US!

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  1. I saw that Maria Sharapova added some type of charm (keychain) to her Chloe Edith bag. It got me thinking about other types of bags and charms. Does anyone add one to their b-bags? Or do you just let them shine on their own?
  2. I just got the cutest cell phone charm, shaped like a purse naturally. And it got me thinking about handbag charms. I keep waiting for TPF to start selling them to support this site!
  3. I have a coach letter 'E' on my black city.
  4. Where does one get such a charm? The handbag cellphone charm sounds adorable. TIA
  5. I have a handbag charm that a friend made (it's gold coins, coral, and jade horns) that I wear every so often, I add it to the pull where the tassels are so I can use that as a zipper pull! ;)

    ...I haven't worn it recently though, I know some other tpf'ers add some cute things to their bag, but I think I prefer my bag naked :P hehe.
  6. Can someone post of pic of Maria and her charm-d Edith please?
  7. hehe mimi i like mine butt naked too!

    maybe I haven't found a charm i loved yet......
  8. There is enough going on with Bbags so mine are nekid.
  9. I like mine naked too! I saw a girl the other day with a bunch of charms on her city and I thought it just made it look cheap (then again, maybe her bag was a fake!).
  10. If anyone has a cute charm on theirs on their bag i'd love to see them!
  11. Im not a Bbag charm hanger. I think it takes away from the great looks of the bag.
  12. i wanna put a PF charm on mine, maybe we can talk to Megs & Vlad??? :tender:
  13. layla....found it on ebay

    There is another thread about creating a TPF charm. I think maybe it is on the general discussion board.
  14. Thanks LoriB.

    Yes, a couple of TPF jewelry designers are working on the handbag charm in silver and will present it to Vlad and Megs once they're done. Then TPF members will be given the information on the details of how to obtain one.

    A gold handbag charm to wear on a chain (as a necklace) will also be available. HTH
  15. ^^This idea sounds so cute! :heart: