Do you actually use your agenda?

  1. So I have a confession. Each year I buy a new agenda (not an LV one, just a cheap one) and I try to use it religiously and a few months later I just sorta STOP using it. So I have the Groom agenda in red being ordered into my local LV store and I'm tossing up between getting it or spending my money on something I know I'll use.

    What should I do? I want a Groom piece and I think this one is the most suited to me. Or maybe a scarf? Help! :shrugs:

    2 more questions:

    Do you guys have any advice to making sure one relies on their agenda?

    Would the groom agenda survive in a handbag? (ie. will the paint scratch off?)

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. I use it as a wallet. Have not been using the calendar part yet since I bought 2007 pages. I have the monogram koala agenda and so far it has absolutely no marks on it and I haven´t been that careful.
  3. I use it sometimes. Not everyday though.
  4. I use my white MC agenda for work stuff like holidays, staff rosters etc. I always carry it in the dustcover though so it doesn't get dirty.:shame:
  5. I use my koala agenda (blue/mono) everyday... and when I use it in my office all the eyes look at it!:biggrin:
  6. Oh you have the blue! It´s gorgeous!
  7. I have the mc small agenda, and i use it almost everyday.

    If you really want a groom piece, I would get a scarf rather than the agenda if you're not sure if you will use it!
  8. use it all the time this is my third year to buy the inserts ... can't leave it
  9. I have the black epi PM and I used it everyday to keep track of appointments, dates, d-days, etc.

    I've used one since 5th grade, so I pretty much can't imagine a life without it :shame:
  10. Does anyone know the price of the scarves (both the square and the long skinny one) in AUD?
  11. worse comes to worse you can buy the pockets and use it a wallet.
  12. I have the Noisette Vernis PM, and I use it religiously. But then, I come from Agenda-using people. And now that I found a pen that doesn't cost 200$ AND fits in the pen-hole, I'll use it even more!!
  13. i've been using mine everyday since i bought it about 2weeks ago or so..

    but then it hasnt been long enough that i would be confenience on using it in the long term.

    i always write every single little thing on my agenda, just for the sake of using it. :smile:
  14. I don't own a LV agenda:shame: I find they do not suit my needs as I require at least an A4 Year Planner..I also have a year desk planner. I like to be organised. You could always purchase the cles as it is $285 AUS $$ and you could gain more use from it then a scarf??
  15. What pen do you use? :confused1: