Do you accessorize your Longchamp tote bags?

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  1. Hi tpfers!!

    I love how practical the Longchamp Le Pliage tote bags are but somehow they look so plain. Their simplicity isn't a bad thing at all, however i'm curious...

    Do you dress up your Longchamp tote bags with charms, scarves, etc?
    Kindly post photos :smile:

    I'm planning on purchasing my first ever Longchamp Le Pliage soon and I wanna see how it will look like with accessories. Thanks!!
  2. I don't have photos but I've tied my Coach ponytail scarves on my bilberry Le Pilage. Totally stands out since the tote is simple.

    I'm trying to find a way to attach key fobs on there because I have more key fobs than scarves.
  3. I tried tying a scarf on mine but I can't get the ribbon to look nice :P I'm thinking of getting bag charms but so far I can't find something that would complement the bag. So now I'm contemplating on painting something on my LePliage itself. I'm into arts so maybe I will do that when I come up with a nice design. I just don't want my bag to look like everybody else's. But a bag charm would be easier if I know which to get ;)
  4. I have a hippo keychain from Leatherprince on Etsy that I used on my Le Pliage tote in college. So many other girls had the same bag in the same color and I was afraid of mix-ups, lol.
  5. I've done scarves, bag charms, even a parrot-shaped reflector during the winter months. I have no pics, but a little bit of tuning makes even the most plain and boring (pretty) bag stand out :smile:
  6. How do you all put key fobs on your Le Pilage? On the zipper pull or the handle?
  7. That's what I'm worried about too coz LC is very common here :smile:
  8. Wondering about the same thing. I wanna put so thing on the handle rather than the zipper pull that's why I'm interested to see photos :smile:
  9. Both on the zipper pull and also the handles - it depends on how large the clasp on the fob is. Reflector has always been on the zipper pull because it shows better that way. :smile:
  10. Finally bought my first Longchamp bag! I wanted to paint something on it so it won't look like the others' but when I went to the art shop they don't have any paint that I can use for this material. Too bad. So I just bought 2 bag charms to use on the handle.

    My large long handle Le Pliage in red with one of the bag charms I got :smile:

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  11. Very cute
  12. I was able to buy bag charms with clasps big enough for the handle. My bag is very new so I'm still trying the charms on it. I haven't tried putting the charms on the zipper yet coz I'm not sure if I like it there every time I open/close the zipper.

    Maybe you can get a clasp and attach your existing key fob on it?

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  13. Thanks! :biggrin:
  14. Very cute! I don't accessorize mine, but I like yours!
  15. I put my LV Damier Azur cles on mine and it looks great. I will post a picture of it sometime :smile: