Do you accessorize your Leigh/Shoulder Bag/other smaller legacy? Pics/Suggestions?

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  1. I'm thinking of how to accessorize my '07 legacy shoulder bag. I have an "A" charm on there right now, and I think that it looks decent - more personal than fashionable I'd say.

    I'm curious as to what you all put on yours? Scarves? Charms? Fobs? Something else I'm missing? I'm especially interested in seeing your Raisin items, since that's the color of my bag, but I'd love to see others too because I'm sure I'll add in other colors as I find them.

    Or if you don't accessorize yours, say so too! :yes: I'm unsure what I can put on my shoulder bag and not overwhelm it since it's fairly small and it's a plain bag by any means.

    Here is my girl as she is already:

  2. Your bag is super pretty, I love the color! Sadly, I do not own a legacy shoulder bag, or Leigh, (yet) but I do own a legacy raisin wristlet.
    IMO the charm is all you need. It looks cute:tup:
    I do agree w/greenpixie though that a small scarf would look nice, something not too overwhelming.
  3. Greenpixie, I do love those pics. I think I'll be hunting down a legacy ponytail scarf. I have a square scarf (which I posted about getting ink on :crybaby:- but I think it's too big and fluffy for this bag anyhow)

    Any others? Show me the pictures! :tup::tup:
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    I usually do just charms/keyfobs on my Leigh and shoulder bags, only because I dont really like the way a pontail scarf hangs on a shoulder bag. I prefer scarves on bags like totes where the straps are attached to the front of the bag rather than on the side, so the bow sits nicely on the front of the bag (do you know what I mean?!! hard to explain!) I have a variety of charms and switch them around on these bags accoring to my mood/the season/whatever!

    Just added: Here is my whiskey Leigh with the koi fish - one of my favorite fobs ever!

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  5. I just got the legacy shoulder bag in teal and am looking to accessorize it too with a charm or something.... I am annoyed though that all of the charms on the coach website are silver in color, not the brass color that is on the legacy! I read about making your own keyfobs by dragonette, so I *think* I am going to buy some brass stuff, and attach it to my teal fish that I just got too! :smile:
  6. I have a monkey key fob on my whiskey leigh, so cute :biggrin:
  7. nooch, any pics of it? I'd really like to see :smile: