do you accessorize your electronics?

  1. whether its your mobile, ipod, pilot, blackberry, etc. do you have fancy cases, fobs, bling it, how do you accessorize something that the majority have to set it apart?
  2. my nano goes in here: furla ice cream pop.jpg

    and i've been known to tuck my phone in this: coin purse.jpg
    I have cell fobs for it, a westie fob and a starfish fob both from coach, but this weekend I am purchasing a new one to shake it up.
  3. Ohhh love this thread. Yes I do! My Magenta Razr phone has a Coach cell phone star charm and a hand-made swarovksi crystal bead Jack Russell Terrier. My 1st edition pink ipod mini has a pink Coach suede Ipod Cover and a Zebra Ipod Cover. My Canon Digi Camera has a special edition coach camera case with Coach wrist strap in silver and my Ipod with video still needs some bling it is in a plastic cover BUT does ride in a Coach patchwork wristlet. My Palm Zire 72 also needs some bling. My old Palms used to ride in a Coach case but they've discontinued making them. Will post pix later.
  4. My ipod is in an LV case and my cell has an LV Inclusion charm. I got these the same time as I got a couple of other pieces :smile:
    When I used my pink ipod mini before it died, I had a Juicy Couture case for it.

    And aarti, I LOVE that nano case!!
    walletipodcase.jpg cellandbracelet.jpg
  5. thanks LVbabydoll!! I am loving your cell charm! I didn't know LV made cell charms..:graucho:
  6. Here is my ipod shuffle, in it's LV case
  7. I have a little fancy dangly on my cellphone, which I put "bling" on for like a week just because I felt like it.

    I have an mp3 player, but it's an iriver and I can't find any cases for it. All the cases are made to fit ipods.
  8. Lol ohhh yes they do. They make a pastilles one right now but the one I have is the black Inclusion. They have a beige one just like it on elux right now. ;)
  9. My ipod in always in it's Coach case unless it's on the ihome & my cell has the Coach fruit lanyard on it.
  10. your inclusion charm, is that like a pair of dice?
  11. They're actually just little clear cubes with the LV pieces inside them, similar to the hair cubes..a lot tinier though. Here's a closer picture of it, not attached to my phone:

    and the picture from elux (it shows the black ones but they only have beige right now):
  12. ^^even cuter! Thanks! Appreciate it.