do you accessorise your iPod?

  1. following from the other ipod thread.. i'd love to know if and how you gals are accessorising your ipods..
    eg in designer cases, with charms, special lanyards??

    i find the idea of designer ipod cases soo cute..

    (wouldn't it be lovely if LV sold a stick-on piece/panel of Vernis for the back of nanos, or a little one for shuffles? that would be sooo cool, cuter than a whole case)
  2. it's currently naked, but at one point, i bought a clear protective cover (which scratched the screen.. thanks. :mad: ), so i never put it on anymore, but i did start to cover it with Swarovski crystals with the LV logo on the backside to match my phone. i have pics somewhere.. lemme find them.
  3. ah found them:



    i should've done the LV in a diff color.. but the thought hadn't occured to me until i put it on already. lol. oh well.
  4. 0o0o0o BLING bling!!!
    thats flash... the only thing i have for my mini ipod is a skin and an arm band... nothing too flash
  5. I have a nano and use that pack of rubbery covers that Apple sold. Right now mine has a white cover on it.

  6. i have an ipod shuffle in a pink Coach case that goes around my neck.
  7. i was going to get an LV nano case when i saw it at eluxury but people said it scratched their nanos. as of now i just have a clear case on it. i have a pink armband from that i got for running haha
  8. I just keep my pink mini in a plain old black case that I bought at the Apple store, but it has a little pocket for my ear buds, so I love it.

    I'm going to be so sad when mine dies, I love it b/c it's pink. I don't want an icky white or black one.
  9. nope, nothing on my nano ipod. I like it that way thou
  10. I don't have any accessorizes for my ipod mini...I think 1 day I'll go to the coach outlet & pick me up a case.
  11. I have black nano, I only use clear protective cover. It's easier that way for the red ipod armband I got.
  12. I just keep my pink I-pod mini in that little holder that comes with it.

    Frozen I love how you did the swarovski crystals on your i-pod! It looks amazing :biggrin: I really want to put some bling on mine too but I know that if I did it myself I'd totally mess it up. I think i'm going to have to enquire at NYC peach.
  13. I have a 30mg photo that fits nicely into a Marc Jacobs case I got on elux.
  14. I have pink and white rhinestones on my shuffle - some minibling :smile:
  15. I don't, but I actually think I would like to!!