Do yo use a LV for school/work? Which one?!

  1. I wish they have the Batignolles horizontal in Damier :love: it will be a good excuse to get one for school and everyday use w/o worry!:P
  2. Abbesses Messenger.

    I wish I had a Broadway... that would kickass... :biggrin:
  3. I'm way past my school days but I agree with you - the Batignolles would look awesome in the damier!
  4. I know! :love: But I don't think I will be special order one so I guess I can only dream...
  5. Besides being way, way past my school days. I don't think I would have ever use my LV anything for school, I'd worry to much about it getting a pencil/pen mark on it and god knows whatelse :worried: ! I'm so anal :huh: !
  6. ahhh true ...but does LV make an excellent work bag?!Or no...?:Push:
  7. I use my Speedy 30 some days :smile:
  8. damier geant messenger
  9. I alternate between my Multicolore Trouville, Manhattan PM, Neo-Speedy, Mat Shelton and Musette Salsa. Although I do use Diors or Guccis sometimes. And right now I'm trying to decide between a Suhali L'Epanoui or Le Fabuleux.
  10. Currently, I use my mini pleaty. I was surprised by how much it fits.
  11. i used my babylone tote for the first time today, and i adore it! just big enough to fit a large notebook, paperback, and all the stuff i normally carry in my purse.
  12. I don't have a LV bag yet but I'd like to use it for work. However, I work in an area that isn't considered very safe so I'd be afraid to bring it to work. If I worked in a better location, I'd love to carry a LV tote.
  13. Amanda - I'm considering the Babylone. I am worried that the body of the bag is too stiff. I know the older ones were lined in leather so maybe that's why I have that impression. What do you think so far?
  14. I think the epi jasmin and epi alma can be great work bags.
  15. Babylone, every day it's not raining!!! :smile: It's my most frequently used bag and I've kept it in near pristine condition. Getting some Shining Monkey next week, though.
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