Do Ya'll Think...

  1. That the denim patchwork will make it to the outlets? I know, I know it's a little too early to be thinking about Christmas, but my mom really wants the denim patchwork shoulder tote. I've seen several different patchwork lines make it to the outlet but this I think was more popular than most. What do you all think..will it make it there in time for Christmas? I might just have to call the outlet & put my name down on the call list if one might happen to come in!
  2. I don't know when, but I think that it'll go to outlets eventually.
  3. It'll probably make it there, since there's still other lines to be out before Christmas. The thing is, it's a risky venture since not all pieces make it there.
  4. I think some will definitely. I forget which season of patchworks made it to my outlet earlier this summer but a lot did actually! The thing is they were all gone in like 2 weeks, I couldnt believe how fast they went.
  5. I'm on the waiting list for the daphne when they get one in..once I get that I'll put my name on the list again for the denim patchwork tote. When do you think they will start getting them in?