do ya'll think I should buy?

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  1. bcbg.jpg
  2. no~! Sorry, really don't like it. But if it makes you happy go for it!
  3. meh. ;)
  4. Well I was kinda on the fence but thought I'd get my purseblog sisters' advice first before I make a bad move...
  5. What about this one? maxx horseshoe.jpg Maxx New York "Horseshoe" Large pebble brain hobo
  6. no :sad: Kind of reminds me of a Suhali knock off.
  7. I like the Maxx NY better than the BCBG one.
  8. I concur.
  9. Ditto. Maxx better than BCBG by a long way.
  10. The black hobo. Much cuter than the first one, and it will match with a lot more.
  11. Thanks for the input guys. Ive seen the Maxx bags online for a while but noone down here buys them or Suhalis so if I got one or the other it's not like these idiots would even know the difference... I dont know a lot about the company. Are they popular where ya'll live? They must be popular somewhere because Nordstroms is sold out.
  12. no to the first one , the second one i do like
  13. The second
  14. I agree with the second one...the first one looks cheap. :X
  15. I have to say that I don’t care for the first bag. Looks like to designers been fighting over the look and made a compromise:wacko: . But on the other hand if you like it…. with the right outfit it could look kinda kitch:idea: