Do ya mind?

  1. Sorry so long.

    Ok, had a weird experience in LV today. Anyways, there were 3 ladies that just walked in and were looking at some shoes. One of them was pretty loud about letting her friends know that she was excited to wear her new LV shoes this weekend. My SA was showing me both mirior lockits in silver and gold. I had taken my name off the waitlist but wanted to see them anyways. Beautiful, but realized it wasn't realistic for me. Anyways, the loud woman behind me asked a passing SA if she could look at the lockits. So the SA tried to tell her nicely that they didn't have any and the ones they did have already belonged to customers. So this poor SA was trying to explain that customers don't like it when other people touch their bags. This lady got really mad, loud and with her hands raised said, "whatever, I don't like the service I'm getting here! I'll just go to the one in SF instead." This lady storms out the boutique while this SA was trying to explain it to her. So I stood there like, WTF just happend :wtf:? Then the SA was telling me that a customer had gotten really upset that someone else was touching her new limited bag that she was waiting for. I mean, if one person touched it, how many more have, right? I guess now they try not to let everyone touch a bag that has already been allocated for a customer. Unless of course you have a cool SA like mine that will show me anyways, LOL. If you've been waiting patiently for your limited bag to come in (after being on that waitlist forever) and finally get the call, do you mind that others have been fumbling through your bag or do you want to be the first?
  2. I don't mind as long as there aren't marks on the vachetta or anything. It's not a big deal to me because when I do get called, it's usually the first day the piece is out and there can't have been that many people looking at it anyway.
  3. i guess for as long as the bag stays in mint condition i don't mind if other people look at it. but with the mirroir or the vernis for instance, it would be quite difficult since these bags are quite delicate, KWIM? maybe if it's reserved for a customer, the SA should just keep it until the customer picks it up. that's just my opinion, though.
  4. for me i prefer to have a brand new bag irregardless LE a not - that's why LV have display bags lol. at least the plastic should not be removed :smile:.

    i wonder how will the customer know that their LE bag was touched by someone else :confused1:.
  5. I've never been in that situation, but my SA has always let me try on bags that were on hold for other people. Like back when Azur first came out my SA let me try on the Speedy 25 that someone had on hold...also with the Cannelle Speedy.

    Also at Hermes, my SA there offered to let me try the Collier De Chien bracelet that someone had on hold.
  6. It doesn't really bother me... what does is the SA informing me that they have all tried on my bag that I had to order in and it looks great on them:nuts: SO I think the SA try on the bags before clients anyway;)
  7. Enh... probably best to operate on a "what I don't know won't kill me" & "don't ask, don't tell" for the whole fumbling thing.... besides...the SAs are touching the bag, right?:rolleyes:

    LOL... the whole thing just brings me back to my childhood "Moo:huh:OOooom! Make so-and-so stop touching my stuff" ...and there's my brother with his finger, like a nanometer away from whatever going "nyah nyah! i'm not touching it! i'm not touching it!":roflmfao:
  8. I guess when the customer came to pick up her bag, she saw another SA showing someone else another bag that was on hold for someone else. That's when she questioned it and made a big stink about it. I guess since she already paid for it, she didn't appreciate knowing that others have been touching her bag before she was able to.

    I always inspect my bag anyways. But if it's a bag that I've been waitlisted for, I would prefer that it still had the plastic on and that others haven't touched it. Especially if I already paid for it. It's just like getting an item SO'd. I wouldn't want everyone else playing with it after I already paid for it. But hey, what I don't know won't hurt me.
  9. I would of course prefer thing is totally brand new, but i understand it is not so realistic and it depends on the luck. I bought a Suhali bracelet that i believe had been tried by who knows how many customer, but the condition was good, so i am ok with it.
  10. i'd rather not know.
  11. from when a bag is made to when it gets to the boutique nobody really knows how many people touched that bag, so if it looks flawless when I get it I don't care at all my bag's past lol
  12. i can understand being miffed about having several people handling your bags before you do, especially if it's an LE. but personally, as long as the bag looks brand spankin new, i don't mind.
  13. I don't really mind, as long as it's flawless. I'd rather have a perfect bag w/o flaws that has been touched by a few customers, than a brand new untouched bag with asymmetrical sides, crooked tabs and little flaws!
  14. IF it is such a limited edition piece and no more is going to be made, I definitely prefer that no one touches the bag but me.
  15. i do mind! but as long as i don't know or not told about it, i think i'll be fine :p