Do wooden heels cheapen the shoe?

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  1. What's your opinion? Below is an example of a fabulous shoe with a wooden heel. Does it look cheap...does the wooden heel diminish the "fabulousness" of the shoe to some degree?

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  2. In this case I don't think it diminishes the fab. Personally I see wood heels done right far more often than wrong. BUT When I wood heel IS done wrong, I definitely think it looks cheap!
  3. It really depends on the shoe, I agree with the above post
  4. I think wood heels can look great. The YSL's look fantastic and I have a few CL's with wooden heels that I think look great.
  5. No, it doesn't necessarily "cheapen" the shoe, but it adds a more casual look to the shoe. I wouldn't wear a wooden heel with a formal dress for example.

  6. Great example! Now I am feeling a little better about the heel. Thanks for your comments everyone :smile:
  7. I wasn't enamored with the wooden heel until I tried some shoes on. Now I actually own a couple pairs!
    And I love the shoe you have posted!
  8. All of the above! As long as the wooden heel 'matches' the shoe. Along with the YSLs above, I've seen a few CLs & Weitzman shoes with beautiful wooden heels.
  9. honestly for me almost 100% of the time it cheapens/ruins the look for me. i think on cool vintagey styles, or more casual styles it can look okay but generally i hate it.
  10. I'm wearing wooden heel/platform CLs right now, I think they give a typically fancy/nightime shoe a more daytime look; not too mention durability - I find that I can walk around much more easily and not worry about anything damaging the heel.
  11. No, not at all for the YSL heels you showed. It depends on the overall design, I suppose.
  12. the shoes you pictured are gorgeous! i don't think they do, but agree with above posts that they become a bit more casual