Do women wear men's fragrance

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  1. i know, the reason they are called men's fragrance is that it's especially for men. But did you ever wear a men fragrance?
    i never smell one before so i'm clueless. would you wear men's fragrance?

    i love the commercial of Bleu de chanel, so it influence me to buy it, but it's not for women XD. i should go to the counter and smell it before i give my opinion. But, yeah, would you wear one (men's fragrance)? ;)
  2. Sure, if I loved the scent. I actually bought some samples of YSL L'Homme for myself to wear, but my manboy likes it so he took them from me. It smells better on him anyway.
  3. I wear unisex fragrances pretty often, and my preferences in unisex perfumes tend to lean on the masculine side (due to the presence of lime and woods).

    Honestly, there's no harm in trying out the scent on your skin at the counter and seeing if it resonates with you. If you find that you love the way Bleu de Chanel smells on your skin, then buy it! I wouldn't hesitate to wear anything that worked with my body chemistry, gender conformity be damned.
  4. ^ I totally agree! If you love it and it smells great on you, why not? :supacool:

    I've been very curious about D&G La Lune. I took a whiff of it at an airport Duty Free when the SA there recommended it for me (after she strongly rejected my choice of D&G Light Blue LOL) and absolutely loved it. Then I found out it's a unisex fragrance, and I first could it be for both genders?! But I loved it and now can't stop thinking about it.

    So yes, I would wear men's fragrance, whether it's unisex or targeted for men. Hey, it's only those who market the product that decided it's for men. There aren't any rules and it could be sexy and unexpected to smell something more masculine on a woman.
  5. Yes I do sometimes.
    I wear Cool Water for men & Burberry Touch for men.
    My daughter wears Armani Mania for men.
    If you like the scent and it mixes well...why not?
  6. I agree that if you like the scent and it works with you, then why not? But I would try it before buying just to make sure it did work. Some men's scents and some unisex fragrances are great, and some of them are too masculine for my taste, so it depends on the fragrance. Overall, though, I prefer woodsy and oriental scents on myself, and I don't often find that in a unisex or men's scent.
  7. I'm obsessed wtih Fresh's Cannibas Santal. It is for men but I love it and I'm going to buy it for me. Why not?
  8. Yes! Gucci Envy for men, and most of Tom Ford's.
  9. I believe I am the only female I know to wear men's cologne haha. I own Lacoste Red. A friend of mine said it was his favourite so I took a whiff of it at the mall when trying to decide what to buy my dad for his birthday. And needless to say I love it. I also like Hummer. I don't know which one in particular, but I smelled it on a coworker and asked him what he was wearing and that's all he told me.

    When I bathe, my absolute favourite body wash and scent of all time is Irish Spring. It's just the freshest most heavenly scent ever.
  10. I wear Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte, which is apparently unisex. I love it, it's very fresh and clean!! I've had tons of positive comments on it and people are surprised when they find out it's not technically a women's scent lol!
  11. sure, I had on Diors Homme yesterday!
  12. Same here!

    I also wear Armani Aqua di Gio for men (cannot stand the ladies' version) and Creed's Green Irish Tweed.
  13. I don't now, but when I was little I would always use my daddy's cologne lol I just loved the smell
  14. I like to wear Hollister's So Cal sometimes
  15. Used to do it all the time when I still had around 15 different fragrances at any given time. Now not so much, because I only keep 2 fragrances and those are women's. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing men's fragrances though! I personally just don't click with them as much as I used to when I was in my teens.