Do women still carry clutches ?

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  1. I know I dont,I usually carrying to much for a clutch,cell phone, lipstick mirror etc.......
    There are very nice wrists bags and pouches available.

    Do you carry a clutch ?
  2. I always buy clutches but never end up using them. I like the idea of casually standing around a cocktail party with a clutch tucked up your arm but when it comes down to it, a strap is handier.

    I think clutches are beautiful, though! Streamlined and elegant.
  3. I agree, I always admire simple, elegant outfits that include a hand held clutch. But for myself, it's not practical.
  4. I wear clutches , but only in the evening or to parties. And obviously to black tie events judeith leiber, my little jewels.
  5. I just bought one from Hayden Harnett - I don't have it yet but it is amazing! - I see them strictly for evening wear but they are definitly BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Sometimes, but only when I know that I absolutely won't need anything else !
  7. Please post pictures when you get it! I've been looking into their bags.
  8. I have a clutch from Gianfranco Ferre (remember him?!) that I just cannot part with. It's been sitting inside my closet for about 10 years, longer than any other bag I've owned! I would love to get a wristlet one of these days.
  9. I have a ridiculously small shiny silver Marc Jacobs makeup bag I carry as a clutch and a green chain mail brass mesh Juicy Couture frame bag that I can tuck the strap into and carry as a clutch but only for dressing up/going out
  10. Funny, I was just thinking today that I need a classic clutch that I can depend on through the years....hmmmmm...
  11. I have a Judith Leiber that can be used as a clutch. I prefer carrying a clutch with formal attire.
  12. I have a beautiful chanel black clutch with a little silver chain. It can be worn with or without the chain, I will get my camera tomorrow and take a picture of it. I have a project that I will be working on tomorrow, I want to organize my shoe boxes, so I am taking pictures of all my shoes and pasting them on the boxes. Its the only way I can keep track.
  13. Great Idea, Thats just what I ended up doing trust me I sleep better at night now LOL ( I put my wardrobe on a CD i had a student from F.I.T come and document evey item of clothing and excessory I own. )
  14. WOW! Nice, speechless. Its like Clueless the movie.