Do white purses change color?

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  1. I saw a white purse I really liked today, but I've never owned a white purse before because I'm scared to death that it'll be impossible to take care of.

    The particular one I like is a white patent leather one from Gucci...but my mom scared me by telling me that white leather will turn yellowish after a that true? What is your experience with a white purse? I can't really afford to buy one and only use it for one season. :P I will have to look for something cheaper if that is the case. Please do share your experience with white purses! Thanks in advance!
  2. I've heard about that too, although I think it takes a long time before that will happen. White bags are lovely, but they are hard to maintain in pristine condition, and that bit bugs me more.
  3. If you take good care of it, white bags will stay white for awhile. Don't put them on the floor, ground, etc. Maybe dust them off every couple days.

    I think they turn yellowish with age, kind of like with photographs. I'm not sure though, the only white bag I had I lost after a few months. But it looked brand new the entire time I had it!
  4. i personalyl am afraid to have a white bag as my my own admission am a bull in a china shop
  5. I'm afraid too....and then I recently read about the gucci leather getting scuff marks easily...can you imagine that? Black scuff marks on white patent leather would really suck.

    But the bag is sooooo pretty.......:love: I'm so torn....:cry: And today is the last day I can get it on sale too. I guess I'm most likely not getting it and going to have to live with that decision for the rest of the year...*sob*
  6. I have to say whilst I love the look of white bags/purses I would not choose one again. I had a white mulberry and after a while it did turn yellow. They are high maintenace and I do like to think I look after my bags well but in the end it just didn't look so hot! Also if you are worrying now before you have it what will you be like when you use it every day! :biggrin:
  7. <<< I have the bag in my avatar for five months and a white ostrich Prada from Summer 2005, both haven't turn yellow yet, my friend has a white Birkin for about a year it also hasn't turn yellow so I don't think colour change is a problem but you have to give up the jeans if you carry a white bag. I have seen blue streaks on many white bags but some people like the 'personalisation.';)

    I don't think white bags are that high maintenance, I leave mine on the floor and the bottom looks as good as the rest of the bag.

    I second getting it because white is a bit like black, it's a perennial classic!