Do websites pull the ol' switch n bait tactic?

Oct 9, 2008
Heres my dilemma:

I just ordered this dress from BG for a STEAL!

1st pic (sorry I cant figure how to make it show up on my post)

I thought it was gorgeous so I googled for additional images, and this is what I got:

2nd pic

which will arrive at my house?

Have you ever ordered something, and when it arrived it looked WAY different than on the acual website?


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Jun 26, 2010
LOVE the dress, so I did some sleuthing for you! I agree the the BG version is much prettier than the other, and I wonder if the Jasmine dress is different than the Jasmine Bustier dress. It loooks like all of the pictures I've found for the Jasmine dress look like the one pictured on the BG site, while the pictures for the Jasmine Bustier dress look like the one pictured on the SB site. I also found this link:

Designers will often create variations of a runway look, so maybe that's the case here? Let us know when you get it and hopefully it works out for's so pretty!
Oct 9, 2008
I am going to try it on when I get home. I really dont love it, and even though it was a steal, if I dont love it, Ill likely never wear it.

Do you think there is any chance that I may get them to waive the return shipping charge since its really not what I ordered or they visually advertised?


Nov 3, 2008
They completely misrepresented the dress. Tell them they need to refund you in full and issue you a prepaid returned postage form. If they refused it would be completely unprofessional for a major department store. Let us know how it goes.