do we start Waitlisting NOW ???

  1. Ive skipped winter 2007 so Im looking forward to Spring/Summer 08. But should I waitlist now ??

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Yes!! Some of the releases will be in time for the holidays, so now is the time!
  3. I already have :biggrin:
  4. Is there a list or something of what's being released for the Spring/Summer 2008 collection?
  5. I keep trying to waitlist for the Berkeley but so far no luck, my SA says last date he heard was 01.01.08. Trying to be patient but I HAVE to have that bag .. lol.
  6. this is my question too? and damn...berkeley now january? dude...i have been waiting for this damn bag to see if i like it better only for the purpose of choosing between that and duomo. argh. before you know it they'll push the date back to may...which will be 1 year from when we all thought it was originally going to be released!
  7. Wow! You guys are great with planning ahead--this will make great use of your LV agenda!
  8. So do I waitlist for the bags from the mens S/S 2008 show ???, should I print pics and waitlist ??.
  9. Wow... you guys are ahead of me. lol I thought the women's Spring/Summer show was being held next month? Has the men's show already been done? Where have I been....
  10. I am waitlisted for a couple of things.
  11. what?? did i miss something?? what are you listed for...cuz i'll probably want it too! lol.
  12. I did that for F/W2007. So it might help. THey'll make a note or something. However you must go and remind them once the bag with the ref. number gets into the computer system as THAT's where the actual waitlist starts. I still think it's a little too early, and if it's the men's you're thinking of I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry (even though I was with my bequia bag, so I see where you're coming from . ;) ) I*d say leave them a print out now and remind them in november. Then come back in January when the bags should be in the system.

    What are you planning to get?

  13. too. lol I did waitlist for the Azur Berkeley many, many moons ago, but what other bags are coming out?
  14. Steve, it all depends on your SA, some SAs will not start lists if they are not already....if you get lucky and get a good SA they will. Believe it or not LV is still very low tech with their waitlist, they are just kept on paper in a binder. They probably do this on purpose for some 'fudge' factor...being able to 'bump' people up, watch out for VICs, etc.

    I know my SA put in note about the mirior lockit for me last November, even though she didn't really think there was going to be one...Michelle came soon after me, and the doctor (who is a lurker on tPF) right after Michelle...soon, as word spread she laughed and said this was longest 'non-waitlist' ever. So when the official waitlist was started they called us and confirmed what we wanted.

    The thing about waitlists is....if you really want an item, you have to remind your SA and stay on top it, offer to put down a credit card number, even if they decline it shows you're really interested. Also, remember just because you're waitlisted doesn't guarantee you an item...and don't despair if you change your mind, be persistent and your chances are good.

    Last year I thought I didn't want any miroir...November came around and I changed my mind....I was in the store and buying a bunch of stuff, and they asked are you sure about miroir...I said, "yeah put me down, but I am probably too late, I know the waitlist started in May or June"...then I went home and decided I did really want it, so I waited a couple of days and called my regular SA...and pretty much begged..."I really want a silver speedy, I know I was late but anything you could do, would be great" I waited until the week before release and followed up again...sure enough, I got one on release day, Dec. 1.
  15. Print pics of what you like and take them to the store they don't start a waiting to waitlist but they should keep a hold of your notes.

    Before you do look at the items you like try to see what they are made of many of the mens bags are £££££, try to avoid WLing for something you won't be able to afford (sorry not trying to be rude).

    They don't take credit cards you just have to stay on it, but ultimately the mens are not as hard as the womens to get. Remember our store doesn't get clothes or much of the costume jewelery

    the mens show was a little while ago so they should have seen some info about it even if it's not a lot.