do we need to have this ebay link ??

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2009
    first sorry about my English :Push:

    Do we need to have ebay as a link ??

    many members are making there link to ebay like this. and when you click on ebay you come to the right action.

    But others do not use this as a link, only write ebay and then it shows like a link, then we click on it and we think that the member have made a wrong link.

    Oh my god, I realy hope you understand the meaning.:shrugs:
  2. Hey queen, I know what you're talking about so no need to apologize for your English.

    I'm not sure about ebay but I have seen this type of thing in other posts that have Saks, or Nordstrom's names in them. These two I think are sponsors of the site. Ebay could be the same thing. Anyway, it's probably meant for us to get to them quicker and directly from tpf.
  3. We use that sort of linking to keep less ads on the site and try to integrate the ads otherwise. Vlad and I talk often about ads on the forum and we want to keep less large forums and banners on the site, so this is why we use it this way. We probably will not change that, but just wanted to explain it to you :smile:
  4. Love2 you are always so sweet to me. :yes:

    thanks Meg for the answer :flowers:
  5. I think she means members are linking their auctions that way??
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding? :shrugs:
  6. Tracy, I do think she means the auto-linking for the term ebay :idea:
  7. #7 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    oh, so sorry :Push:
    yes i mean :
    some members do this eBay and have some link to the site they want us to look at.
    some others do this ebay
    - when we look at the last link, we think that this member have made a wrong link and write back "sorry your link don´t work".

    Hope this will help :blush:
  8. ebay - this is automatic on tPF.
    the other one is a link made by the member.
  9. :yes:
  10. Yes, I know - thank you for taking time to answer me
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Not open for further replies.