Do we Need a Vintage Kooba Reference Sticky?

  1. I'm constantly seeing questions of curiosity or authenticity posted here for the vintage bags. Would a reference thread on just the older Kooba bags & their names and pictures be helpful for everyone?

    Many of the experts here have a wealth of information on these rarer bags that show up on eBay. Would you be willing to contribute to such a thread?

    What do you gals think?
  2. I would really like that. I can surely help with naming them.
  3. So you think it's a good idea?

    I think a reference thread is just where you post a bag, it's name and pic. Not much discussion.

    Perhaps just a place to discuss vintage bags would be better? We had a thread awhile back with a lot of info that I was looking for today. I'd love everyone's input on what they'd like to see here & I'll take it to the mods.

    Here's the link to the old thread:
  4. Good idea Rose. I've had some Vintage bags and so has LadySalesRep. That way it won't get bogged down with new posts.
  5. Well, there doesn't appear to be much interest...only 3 of us so far :nogood:

    But I thought it would be cool to have all the older styles in one place (to drool over), and it would be an easy reference point for anyone with authenticity issues.

    Well if there's more input, I will see what the mods think.
  6. Got my vote on that one, Rose, will be easier to have them in one place instead of digging around old threads...:tup:
  7. Excellent idea.

    I am a would be very helpful.
  8. Sounds like a great idea.
  9. Thumbs-up :tup: Great idea.
  10. ^ ditto!
  11. I'm all for it Rose :tup: I think it could become the most droolworthy sticky in the Kooba forum.
  12. Good, well I'm glad to see there's some interest, now it's up to what the mods decide.

    It might just be a reference thread for all Kooba's, which would be ok too. I'll let you know if and when I hear back from the "powers that be".

    Since the search feature is gone, a reference thread of some type is needed, imo.
  13. A fabulous idea, Rose! :tup:
  14. Bump! :heart:

    This was such a fabulous idea and it's been on my mind today so I thought I'd pop it back up. Any news from the front on this?
  15. I would certainly like that! :tup: