Do we love this patent bag?

  1. This is a white patent bag. I have never had a patent bag before. How do we like it? Is white patent hard to take care of?

  2. I love this bag!! It gorgeous!
  3. the question is do you love it?!?!?!

    hehehe its not me...but its nice!
  4. HEHE..I like it,but noy Love it since it is a white bag...afraid it turns yellow with aging...
  5. yea hehe well i guess you can have it just for style right now......Patent is super hot at the moment!!~
  6. I have no idea about the upkeep but I reaaly like this, although I think I like the green guccissima one more!
  7. I love the bag.
  8. my sister bought that exact one and she loves it!