Do we like this scarf?

  1. It is pretty, but not necessarily something I would wear. But I'm more about bright colours than black.
  2. I don't personally. . . it's a little 'mature' IMO ;)
  3. I'm not feeling it...
  4. It is pretty but a little too dark for my taste.
  5. hmm.......seems pretty matronly to me but buy what you love!
  6. Thanks ladies-I thought I really liked it the other day, but, earlier when I was looking at it-I got the same feel. off to look some more=-thanks!
  7. Nishi, I think it's too old for you and too dark!
  8. I'm not liking this either...
  9. Not for me too.
  10. Not for me either. I like my scarves (and seeing them on others) in brighter colours, to "pop" against the outfit.
  11. too grandma-ish for me.
  12. hmm its a bit to "grandmaish" for me..I preffer bright colored scarves on bags