Do we like this bag?

  1. I don't really like it, looks like it is wrapped with rope, too much going on with it. But, maybe in another color, like choc brown?
  2. I think it's kind of cool!
  3. It is cool, but I think it would be too big for me, since I am only 5'3".
  4. wow-I like the details..!so different!
  5. It's very different, but I'm not sure if I'm feeling it!
  6. it has a lot going on for me... i don't think i like it. Maybe on someone else
  7. I really don't like that bag ... sorry.
  8. A little too much for me - but if you want something trendy and unusual - go for it!
  9. Agree with Irishgal.
  10. Thanks for the responses. I'm looking for a cream/ white bag (larger size). Any other recs?
  11. don't care for it too much.
  12. I love the Delia. Haven't seen it in real life, though. I would prefer it in "British tan". I've been watching Goldenbleu for 6 mos now. Also, the Marilyn is a good one.
  13. nay
  14. Not bad. :biggrin:

    How about these?
    Kale Shoulder Sling (talc) sale $273
    Tano Bow Derek (natural) $189
    Marnie Bugs Josephine Shoulder (bone) $340
    Francisco Biasia Country Dancing Large Tote $559
    (no pic)
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