Do We Like These?

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  1. I am on the fence. Are they different as in cute or different as in ugly? Help me ladies. :shrugs:

  2. I like the style but not the material. I am not partial at all to cork anywhere on a shoe.
  3. i don't like it. i'm not a fan of cork esp if it's all over the shoe! better don't wear them when it rains LOL
  4. I like it for a fun, casual summer shoe, but I would be afraid that it wouldn't hold up very well.
  5. i kinda like it
  6. your $$ is best spent elsewhere....
  7. I really think they are fun but don't know if I would actually wear them but I do like cork on heels so why not...;)
  8. You ladies are awesome. Thank you for being honest. :woohoo: I appreciate all the comments. :yes:
  9. I bought these a few months ago...they ended up being too big on me, but they were cute in person. Cuter than in the pic, IMO.
  10. I have not seen them in person though I recall seeing them on-line. I also like the style, but the cork did not grab me. Given that oo-let-me-see said they are cuter in person, if the price is right then I say give them a chance as a summer shoe.
  11. Personally I am in love with these shoes. I was on a big hunt to find a good deal on them but I never found anyone who had them to find out if the cork comes off or not. I actually have a thread on here asking about it. I really would love a pair though
  12. I have the no prive in cork with a gold heel and I love them. Sorry to disagree with all the other ladies but they make your legs look so much longer. The cork material is pretty sturdy but yes it does stretch out so its safer to go TTS or only 1/2 size up. I went with 1/2 up because of the sling back.

    I'll try to find a better picture later but here is Nicole with the cork no prives called 'Gabine'.

  13. I like cork on the platform with black patent on top..but all cork looks weird to me. :s
  14. I love the style, but cork's not my thing!
  15. Can't find the ones with her in black but here is Nicole with the shoes on with some other outfits.




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