Do we like these is gold??

  1. At first I was not sure about this style, but in gold I kinda like it. What do you all think?
    Honest opinions only!!:roflmfao:
  2. It looks only okay. Again, something I would have to see ON. Strappy shoes worry me in the comfort department. This does not have me falling over in terms of gorgeousness.
  3. I like it, but dont love it. I wouldn't even attempt to try it on, I have a high arch and could never squeeze my feet in a style like that! On the right person I think it could look quite good.
  4. I like it, but I would not spend the money for them. Now, if someone bought them for me, that would be a different story. ;)
  5. They look ok and could be really cute with the right dress. They did not jump out at me when I saw them thought.
  6. I like 'em but you can't wear these often.
  7. don't like them at all, sorry. if i am going to buy CLs, they better be amazing. Those get an "eh" from me.
  8. I actually like this style better in the pink/green colorway. Still, with all of the stunning styles out there, this one is too far down on my list. It basically looks like an Enzo A. style with a higher heel imo.
  9. i like them but will wait for the sales before purchasing.
  10. not for that much but definately prefer it over the two-tone. But I have the feeling that this might be the kind of shoe that will make me drool once I see it on someones foot.
  11. They don't jump out at me, but if you find a great deal.....
  12. I really like them but not sure I'd buy them...unless they were on sale of course.
  13. I agree with Zophie. A Sale price would be a different story!
  14. i like them and i would only get them on sale ;)
  15. cjy- not particularly crazy about these with so many new styles coming out, I'd hold off.