Do we like the silver hardware??

  1. I'm such a silver (well platinum) person when it comes to jewelery so I figured I'd really like some of the LV stuff that's comming out with silver instead of brass........When I first started buying LV I made a point to go for the bags with the least amount of brass showing....I'm still kinda like that with the heavy hardware bags (though I'm loving the mj press lock stuff). But now that I'm seeing some stuff with silver I'm not loving it, it seems a little off to me.......I'm thinking classic LV has it just me??......anyone want to enlighten me to the beauty of the silver colored hardware?
  2. I agree. I don't care for the silver hardware, especially on the warm colors ( red, mocha's, mandarin). I think the brass hardware is much nicer.
  3. As much as I love white gold and silver jewelry, I'd much rather my bags have the gold just looks richer I guess. I especially don't like the new brown Suhali color with that silver hardware..ick.
  4. I like the silver hardware on my epi Myrtille (blue) bag - probably because the blue is a cool color. But, to me, goldtone is better on the monogram, damier and anything with vachetta.
  5. yeah, I don't like the sienne suhali in person! that and I'm not lovin the epi things either......I've alway kinda had the segur pouch on my list but I'm not loving the silver s lock and that's not like me cause I'm not crazy about the brass s lock on the malibu street but I think that's because it's against vernis and it's just too much for me, although when I see other people with it I do think it's pretty on them..not for me though........
  6. I agree, the gold looks much better. I recently bought this in silver

    but the gold looks nicer.
  7. Cool colors look better with silver hardware, while gold looks better with warmer colors.
  8. that's funny, I'm just looking at epi cles online, and the silver really looks fine, but there's something about the brass chain and ring, I dunno, maybe the silver is too bright.....the silver may hold up better though and you don't have to worry about it turning silverish b/c it's already silver....
  9. yeah the silver looks very bright but that's because it new, you're probably right about the tarnishing.
  10. I am a yellow gold person.
  11. Well the new Sienne bags in the Suhali line has the silver hardware and I didn't like it that much. The gold hardware I think looks so much classier. Just my opinion though!
  12. I am not a fan of yellow gold, so I am really liking the titanium hardware. I have a red epi Speedy with titanium hardware and I prefer it much more than with the gold.
  13. I'm lovin the Tinitanium hardware.
    I only wear silver jewelery and my pain pieces are Tiffany's that are Sterling Silver, so for me it matches my jewellery!
    But then again, I think some bags still look better with the Gold Hardware but oters I prefer in the Titanium. All in all I htink in depends on the handbag!
  14. I dont like the silver at all!!!

    And I cant understand why their changing it (some say its the trend) but I personally think its cheaper to do silver hardware than gold! Just my thoughts :P
  15. Yeah, I'm not a fan of yellow gold either, but the brass just looks so pretty with Damier and Mono Can.....and I can't imaging my mandarin epi with silver (not that they would do that anyway)....the Myrtle and Black epi look pretty with the silver, but I'm not loving the s lock in silver for some reason, I just can't pin point it though......