? do we like the JPG in Togo with Denim dose any one have one

  1. Please let me know your opinions on the JPG denim Togo combo. I herd they have one in store and My sister thought of getting it.Instead of a VGL Gold.
  2. Its alright IMO. I can imagine it, I recently saw a denim JPG with barania. I'd rather have all leather :smile:

  3. wow how could you pass that up???
  4. Which one dear?
  5. All this talk about Togo being used for the JPG shoulder birkin is new. Does anyone know for sure if Paris has decided to make the shoulder birkin in Togo? It has traditionally been in Clemence only.
  6. Personally I'm not a fan of denim Hermes anything :push:
  7. Nor am I... I don't like denim anything unless it is jeans or a jacket.
  8. The important questions is "Do YOU like it". There isn't much point buying a bag just because other people like or dislike it.
  9. I am taking advice and will make up my own mind but it is nice to participate with people that know the brand.In my experience I find the more I know the better decision I can make.
  10. You'll get loads of sensible advice here, that's for sure :tup:
  11. yes you are right I have 3 threads working right now.All full of helpful incite. I love the opinions of the group and I have learned allot! I am learning more from this group then from my SA thank you for you time and encouraging advice,on going with my own instinct.:heart:
  12. I haven´t seen it so I don´t have an opinion! Have to go look it up.
  13. I've seen barenia and demin. It's nice, but IMO can only go casual. I'd be hard pressed to dress this one up.
  14. Alegory - the questions remain how much you like it, where you'd wear it and why you'd want it. That said, I am not a fan of this one.