Do we like the Glace Bags?? Shiny or Calf??

  1. Hi, I haven't posted here since I bought my antic cervo last fall and Jill kindly posted the pictures for me (I've tried to take a little break from purses). But I was recently in Florida and ended up buying the Glace Calf Zippers Tote. It is being shipped to save the tax and should be here today or tomorrow. While in Florida, I was also looking at what looks a lot like NM's version of the Vernice Sfumata hobo, however it was also in calf instead of the shiny.

    Now that I am back home and looking at them on, I am finding a new interest in the shiny version!! I am also really liking the Glace Calf shoulder bag style, which I did not see in Florida.

    I really want to choose the perfect style and material (calf vs. shiny).......I know after a few months of my antic cervo drawstring bag I got really tired of the large, baggy size of it. I was just "over" the whole trend. Do you think the same thing will happen quickly with this bag???

    Thanks with your help!! Also, do you like the style the that looks like an LV speedy??? It could be a contender! I have an SA at the BV Prada store who might be able to help me with one of those!
  2. Funny you posted this. I was just saying that I'm not comfortable with these new leather treatments that Prada does. They seem fragile to me. I'm sticking with solid leathers myself even though I love the look of the Glace in particular.

    As far as "to trend or not to trend," I've said several times that for what we pay for these bags, we'd better love them in and of themselves so we'll get our money out of them. I refuse to buy ANYTHING because it's trendy, "hot" or the latest "It Bag" on some celebrity. I can think for myself and choose what *I* like, not what someone tells me I should like.
  3. I agree with you,PP
    because I use it more than one season...bags tend to rise up the price especially these last few when I buy a designer bag,I really like it

    back to question of this thread..I love the calf one better I guess
  4. Loving the patent more. Plus I think it would wear exceptionally well.
  5. While patent will wear better than leather...I prefer the leather(Jill isnt huge on patent..hehe!)
  6. Im not a huge fan of patent bags-patent shoes I can do but bags Im just not too sure.