do we like the classic jumbo flap in beige w/ silver?


beige classic flap in jumbo w/ silver HW

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. if i was able to locate one w/ the pre-increase price, is it worth buying?
  2. I think it is worth buying brand new...but if you are looking to save a little, try eBay.
  3. I voted no, because I love it best with GOLD hardware, not silver. The beige colors is always lovely.
  4. Beige and brown bags, any of the warm colors as a general rule are always going to look best with the gold hardware. The same with skin tones. If you have more yellow tone (check inside of wrist), then you will look best in warm colors both in clothing and accessories. If your skin is cooler looking, then silver and the cool colors are going to look best. (That's the theory behind "Color Me Beautiful.")
  5. I like it. but then again I never met a jumbo flap I didnt like! LOL
  6. I tried on a beige with gold hardware a few weeks ago and it was absolutely GORGEOUS! Definitely on my lemmings list...

    I'm not so sure I'd like it with silver hardware? I think it'd still look good, but the gold looks awesome!
  7. I prefer it with the gold hardware. It seems like a warm color bag and I think it's beautiful with the gold.
  8. I prefer the silver hw. I always found the gold hw too garnish.
  9. I think the beige w/silver would be a nice combo- I voted yes!
  10. Voted no...prefer it with GH...
  11. I have seen it both ways and really do prefer the GHW with the beige bags...but if you wear more silver/white gold/platinum accessories perhaos it would better suit your style....

    have fun procuring it either way!
  12. It's gorgeous on both but I vote for silver. I like SHW.
  13. Silver hardware gets my vote. It's less "fussy" IMO.
  14. i think beige and gold is a little too "goldy/yellowy"... personally i think the silver is a nice contrast to the beige and it looks less flashy.
  15. too harsh of contrast, i'd go w/gold hardware, silver is great on black though.