Do we like Lush Bags on here??

  1. Let me start off by saying Damn you LV Addict for making me fall in love with the Jimmy Choo Ramona :yahoo:

    Now for my question. I don't see myself purchasing the Ramona right out because I got my eye on something that will last me forever. (Hint Cabas) because I'm concerned the Ramona is a passing trend. Well I came across a Lush version. That makes more sense to me, will I feel like I'm carrying a fake? I know it's inspired, but is that okay? I never looked at Lush fashions before. I'm feeling weird about it, but I'm loving the look of this bag.:nuts: Victoria Beckam looked so chic with it on her carefree shoulder with her kids. That's why I love shoulder bags. I'll probably just use it as a quick Target, supermarket, daycare pickup bag.
    What are your opinions ladies?:confused1: Does anyone on here buy Lush bags?
    If you do how do you like them?
  2. I was looking at this site about a week ago because I wanted something similar to a Marc Jacobs bowler, but now after reading this, I think I'll forget about it. I didn't know they were based in Asia :Push:
  3. I purchased a bag from them with no problem whatsoever-shipping was a little slow but I was told it would be (2 weeks) the quality was good-I didn't know what the bag was a replica of at the time turned out it was an Isabelle Fiore and when I got tired of it I resold on eBay and only lost $10.
  4. Thanks guys all of a sudden I feel turned off. It felt "wrong" from the beginning, even if it's inspired. I think this Ramona phase will pass for me anyway. I'm not going to buy from Lush or any inspired company for that matter.
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