Do we know?

  1. if the Legacy collection is it for fall/winter or will they have one more group before they launch spring? I know there is usually a holiday collection, but I was just wondering? I have a dilemma. I love the Legacy Zip shoulder bag, but its slightly too big and I love the Legacy flap but its a hair too small. I could probably downsize to the flap b/c I like flap bags and love the contract of the khaki sig with black, but I don't want to get one if there could be another line coming out for fall.
  2. That was supposed to be "contrast" , not "contract". :smile: Forgot to proof...
  3. There are a few more lines coming out before spring :smile:

    Next is legacy and gallery totes, After that is Holiday Patchwork, Beaded totes & the lurex bags and then the Legacy resort bags. There may be something else but I can't think of it right now :sad:
  4. Sprinkles - any hints you can give on standout lines/pieces to be on the lookout for? If I were you and worked at Coach, I'd need to get a second job to pay for what I bought at work!
  5. Because of Sprinkles I've started thinking ahead and now can buy more of the stuff I like, but not cost myself a fortune on stuff I will quickly tire over.
  6. haha, aarti! I'm like your dealer :P

    I think the standout pieces for f/w are the patent gallery totes, legacy bags, leather zoe clutches, beaded totes and I have a feeling the resort line this year will be popular- it's like a dark blue signature on a light blue backround w/ white leather and scarves on the bags :smile:
  7. patent leather is out this monday, it's part of the gallery tote line which i think will be hot because it has gold rings on the body, the straps are longer, and thus can be worn over the shoulder and it's zippered..and has mini feet on the bottom!

    there is going to be black, khaki with camel suede trim, and a mahgony with signature. patent leather is black, a beautiful blue, and white. unfortunately if you get the blue, the accessories do not match, the color of the blue for the mini skinny and wristlet is light blue versus the dark blue for the tote.

    people always love the chelsa optic c's with glitter, but it's always super small, and this year it's no different but now you have mini skinnys to match, and wallets i believe.

    the beaded totes have beads across the top, and features embossed suede c's...and the chocolate brown one almost looks optic from the picture.

    there are going to be duffles with laces in X's, suede mosaic duffles (not the ones out now in shades of gold and brown) where the pattern of the squares is really funky, you have to see it to get it.

    as for the orignal question, right now, everything that's a part of legacy is viewable online. this is actually the second legacy line. whether another one will debut or not, its hard to say.

    but for sure, this is it for the legacy line (this time) because as winter comes you're going to see more holiday patchwork, suede bags, gallery totes, duffles, and the chelsa glittery optic collection.

    there is the suede version of the ali bag and shoulder zip...and my favorite is the embossed c's ali like bag (same style but not quite big) with skinny tassels on the bottom, those are only available in fashion stores (as well as the pink color rose for the legacy collection)
  8. I think patent has a dogleash closure! I didn't get a super good look when we got them in but I think they did! Also there is no black :sad: It's mahogany and it's a very red toned mahogany. I wish there was black!

    And oh my gosh! The blue patent accessories don't match? I haven't been in the store so I haven't seen barely anything but that's crazy.

  9. lol i said the black comes in signature.

    you're right, the patent leather was in brown, but i said that ;)

    also, the brown is lined with a beautiful rose colored lining. the wristlet is pretty big, it's the size of the striped ones but it's only 48 dollars!

    the dog leash thing might be the outside rings...i really don't know what to term in, but it gives the bag a little oumph...

    the stripe agenda only comes in the 218 size, i'm so sad, i wanted the smaller ones b/c i don't need one that big, but they had the khaki c's with rose leather trim in the 168 and 138 instead.
  10. silly! you said black twice, i've done that before though when talking about stuff. I'm so excited about the patent mini skinnies for some reason too, haha. I'm sooo glad i'm not doing floorset tomorrow! Our store is a fashion store now so the walls are going to be on crack.

    Dogleash is the little clip to close the top and ughhh I feel ya on the stripe agenga, I planned on giving my mom my black leather one and getting it but it's hugeee. I wish they did stripe in a mini skinny!
  11. ugh. i just saw that. sigh. i'm losing my head.

    today was crazy at work. four women from mexico and average, dropped a grand each. i'm not working floorset tmr too. well. sort of. i get to go home early because i work on monday, tuesday and i worked friday so...i'm exhausted.

    i wish they did a stripe mini skinny too. they didn't even do a smaller makeup case! only large. but they have the framed wristlet. i'm sure your store has it too (we have fashion as well as some other "sections")

    sorry i never got back to your PM. i just checked it. will PM you back :smile:
    speaking of which are you working tuesday evening? I want to call tomorrow but straight after classes I have a full shift till 9 30.:hysteric: UGH. I was actually going to PM you about when the patent was coming out today LOL. The patent leather skinny sounds too cute! Would love something blue! Think it would go with the striped coin pouch?
  13. When would patent be on the website?
  14. Uh oh don't tell me they are coming out with new small zip around wallets and nano cases.. How much are the patent wristlets? I'm looking for a small one to carry keys and phone while walking my dog. I got the suede, but then returned it to see the legacy first.
  15. This is great-having SAs here to help us out! :smile: Thanks guys! I know I definitely have to make a trip in there tomorrow.