Do we know for sure there is going to be Silver GH? If yes, when?

  1. Ok, I really need a white city and I'm this close to buying one for summer.

    But I would LOVE one with the silver GH. I just need to know if this has been confirmed or still rumour and if so when can we expect them?

    Any thoughts?
  2. I was told just yesterday that we can expect silver GH in the fall for sure!!
  3. I have no idea but wanted to bump this up. I'm curious as well. The white would be amazing with Silver GH.
  4. Sarah Hinkle w/ Nordies in Sacramento met w/ some Balenciaga Reps last Friday and has all the scoop on what inventory they are getting between her 916-6462400 She is GREAT w/ wailists!!
  5. OOH thanks guys.

    Ok, next step is to BE STRONG! Must use white first for summer. Cannot buy white City until Silver GH is out. Common guys, tell me to wait, stop me from buying that white city at MyPersonalShoppers!
  6. Orrrrr.....maybe I need BOTH! I need a regular white city for when Im wearing gold accents and a white city with Siilver GH for when Im wearing silver accents.

    No....I got it :idea: : A White Twiggy with RH and a White City with Silver GH. Yup thats it, thats the ticket!

    PS. Im so boring.....only desire black, white and grey bags but need them in every style, with the odd hit of red or maybe magenta.
  7. White is not boring at all! :yes:

  8. Ooh, did Sarah mention whether they'll be getting Violet in the Giant hardware?
  9. White with SH would be soooo pretty!

    I hope some nice colors come with SH... some pretty light blues or greens... mmm
  10. :wtf: Gorgeoussssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. My resized pic scared me - it makes the bag look fake! But my point was, a white regular hardware Twiggy is a total different thing than a city with giant hardware.
  12. SPIRAL..I am not sure about the SH in violet but I know she is getting violet..I didn't even think to ask her because I probably wouldn't get one!! I will see her tonight or tomorrow so I will ask her what colors she thinks those (silver hardware) might be coming in:smile::smile:
  13. Oh yes please, sag, thanks so much!

    I'm probably going to go for it in RH City, but I keep imagining how lovely a violet Part Time in Gold GH would probably be... ahhh...