Do we hvae a reference guide?

  1. HI everyone:

    I sporadiclly post here (due to spnding too much time and money shoppig and trying to adjust my job)

    but i also belong to a designer denim forum and they have a handy guide that lists all of the differnt washes, pocket designs etc.I have a dmall toki collection (oly 2 bags a make up case and a few t shirts. but my daughter does have her own inferno and is only 9!) but since i come and go it is hard for me to keep track of the various patterns, when they came out and even what bags were only available in that style.

    what does anyone else think? i bet there are new lovers to toki bags everyday who have no idea about the past patterns, etc.

    if one exsists could someone post it? i know i started to get out of it after inferno and desperately wanted a l'more but i missed them. but now want to see if i can snag something i tutti (it all depends on funds)

  2. It's not fully updated to the tutti print, but the bag styles past PG stay pretty consistent.
  3. thanks!