do we have to feel bad??

  1. I had the strangest dispute like half an hour ago. I went to drop something off in a friend's house and her cousin greeted me by saying: "I hope this bag is a fake...". She was referring to my mono speedy 35. The conversation went on like this:

    me -No, it's a real one.
    her -Buying these handbags is a crime against humanity. If you're walking around with such expensive and useless stuff you're being ironic to those who can't even afford their meals. If you like the look you could at least buy a fake and give the rest of the money in philanthropy!

    I had to tell her that fakes are often made in countries where paying your workers a respectful wage isn't a standard thing. I also told her that sometimes the workers involved are underage children and that buying these fake products is like consenting to illegal acts.

    What do you think? Was I right or wrong? Are we all creeps for buying luxury items or it's our position against society in overall that defines us?

    (Excuse me if my english isn't in shape...):shame:
  2. I have recently started asking people who ask me personal questions "Why do you want to know that?" Then when they respond I will tell them I do not want discuss it, it's personal. This includes questions about salaries, religion, how much my handbag (or anything else) costs....etc
  3. Not trying to start an argument because I know alot of people on here hate fake bags because children get underpaid, it supports terrorism, etc. But if those same people were really concerned about the poor kids getting underpaid, wouldn't it be more beneficial to donate the 800 - 1000 dollars spent on a bag to a reputable organization actively working on preventing injustices like that?
  4. ohhhh geeez! plese do not take her seriously, or, as the saying goes "allow her to rent space in your head"

    some people are joy killers

    and self-righteous

    enjoy your classic LV!!

    <now getting off my soapbox and gonna go cuddle with my LVs (& Chanels)

  5. What one buys or does not buy is his/ her own business. I have worked hard to get where I am in life. I give to charities, I never pass a homeless person without helping him/ her out, I am a kind and decent person - at least I try my hardest to be. I don't spend lavishly all the time - most of the time I try to spend my money on my 3 kids and try to teach them the value of a dollar. I have worked since I was 16 years old and for the first time ever I "splurged" on a LV bag - not because I want to show off - but because I LOVE well made handbags and I LOVE the look of LV!!! I am sick and tired of having to explain myself to anyone. It's my money...I didn't steal it from anyone...I worked hard for it. If someone DARES to preach to me about how much money I have spent on anything I will tell them to kiss my little white a**. Woo! Sorry for that....but that rant felt good!
  6. That was not particularly nice of her. I don't think it is anyone's business what someone else has spent their money on. Seriously how does the stranger or aquaintance who judges someone with a nice car, jewellery, BAG, or whatever know what that person has done or not done for other people? Yeah, some of us are called to be St. Frances and others not. Maybe you just came from a soup kitchen or hospital where you donate your time, dropped off money to a charity and then helped an old lady across the street. People should stop judging each other. (Oh and pardon my spelling I know I messed something up but can't figure out the spell check:shrugs: ).
  7. I hate when people are like, "why would you spend that much on a purse? thats stupid." and blah blah blah! I just tell them "I have a job, I work for my money and it's none of your business, if I wanted to spend 2,000 dollars on a purse, it has nothing to do with you so dont worry about it!!"
  8. p.s. I hope I wasn't sounding mean there! I just don't get when people say things like that. So no one is ever allowed to have anything a little nicer than someone else because someone else needs more? Yes we should all help others who are in need but that does not mean we always needto feel guilty if wetreat ourselves (why ever take a vacation? go out to dinner? etc. when you should really give that money to someone else....isn't that the same argument?) I give alot to charity, t said why should I have to explain also having a nice bag?
  9. I would have asked where she donated her $$ so I could donate to the same place in the future. It's easy for people to spout rhetoric, but when it comes to facts you often find that they don't have a leg to stand on.
  10. It sounds like your friend's heart is in the right place. But you were absolutely right to put her straight. :yes:

    Assuming one is intent on buying either a designer bag, or a fake. What's the point in saving money, to give to the poor in one's own country; if, by doing so, one is funding an illegal industry that exploits workers (some of them children) in other countries?

    Not to mention the possible funding of terrorism.

    People are people, wherever they live and one group should never be exploited to help another.

    That would be a true crime against humanity.
  11. The assumption that someone who buys a luxury item isn't generous and doesn't give to charity is a myth. If one wants to think that way, then why not give up everything and donate your life to helping others? It is a worthwhile cause, but not realistic for most.

    Most of what we buy (your friend included) is unnecessary. Holiday decorations? Home decor? A pair of jeans if you already have one? Even replacement appliances or a kitchen remodel is totally unnecessary for most people, as the old ones still function. Almost all of us have purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars of things we don't NEED - from junk food to restaurant meals, from decorations to new shoes. The spring bag she buys from Target (or wherever) is likely just as unnecessary as your LV, but she somehow feels self-righteous because she spent less? Nonsense.

    We all should do what we can to help the less fortunate. My dh and I have donations worked into our budget and we try to increase the amount each year. However, that doesn't mean we need to stop living, sell off all our assets and give everything to charity. Unless your friend is Mother Theresa, he logic is flawed in saying she can buy unnecessary but lower priced items but you cannot buy luxury items; they are the same thing, just on different levels.
  12. We should definitely NOT feel bad.

    1. Whenever someone asks me if something is real, I usually say "it's whatever you want it to be."

    2. Personally, I think carrying FAKE merchandise is worse. It's violating someones copyright protection and promoting illegal activity. Like the fake LVs. I think if someone carries one, they're wearing it because they think that people expect them to have a bag like that because everyone else has one. I'd rather have nothing than have something fake. I think carrying a fake bag makes you more of a snob than carrying the real thing. I also hate the proliferation of fake denim these days.

    3. I work. End of discussion. It's my decision on how I choose to spend my money. As Carrie Bradshaw once said - I like my money right where I can see it - Hanging in my closet! (well for me, it's actually hanging off my shoulder!)

    Enjoy your bag!

  13. Of course it would, but you seem to be assuming that everybody is either a saint, or a devil (i.e. the saints never spend on themselves and the devils never spend on others).

    The reality is, of course, that most people fall somewhere in-between.

    Just because you are the sort of person who doesn't want to hurt others, or even the sort of person who gives large amounts to charity every year; it doesn't mean that you are claiming to be a saint.
  15. every one if you is totally right. I won't say that she made these comments because she was jealous of the bag or anything. Maybe it had to do with me. I'm only 21, I own half of a very successful company (the other half is my mom's) and my parents enjoyed luxury items. I had a bulgari watch when I was 15 and a prada backpack when I was 12. I finished high school in Paris and none of my classmates drooled over a bag...But I know that I never showed off. I have friends who can't afford the same stuff and we love each other to bits! And even though I could always sit and live with the money my oarents make, I don't! I work hard, really hard. And I help people. So why should I get harassed over a handbag? Fair? I don't think so!

    I guess many of us had felt this way before but I'm probably new to all this...Sorry if I wrote too much about my self but I just needed it, I suddenly felt really hurt