Do we have any new Trasporto's yet?

  1. Mine is scheduled for delivery tomorrow :woohoo: but I'm dying to see the print on something besides stock pictures and that one denaro on eBay.

  2. Mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow too - I can't wait! :yahoo:
  3. did you guys order from Pulse?
  4. I ordered from the LeSportsac site. :smile:
  5. OOOHHHH did you request print placement from them? WOW this is the first time I've heard that the LeSportsac site having them first!
  6. I ordered from Lesportsac too, but didn't request print placement. I figured with such a small print, it wasn't going to matter to me as much. We'll see when it gets here! :wlae:
  7. When I ordered from them last they told me I couldn't request placement
  8. Yeah LeSportsac will not do print placement. My Ciao is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
  9. I just ordered a zucca from Lesportsac. The lady who helped me with the order said this was her favorite print so far. I told her I liked the pink elephant and she put that request in with my order. She also said they only had about 12 more zuccas and didn't know if and when they were getting more. So I bit the bullet and ordered one.
  10. Very interesting, I assume you did this over the phone order?
  11. can't wait for y'all to post some pictures!!!

    our LS in hawaii said they won't be getting them in til the middle of September!:tdown:

    want to see one irl before i decide what to get...if not caramella will do just fine.
  12. 12 more zuccas!? Why is it that when I think there's not that many left of something, it makes me suddenly want it 1,000 times more? No... must... resist.... :drool:

    That's pretty cool that they can at least make a note of your preferences on the order, even if they can't to placement.
  13. They wouldn't make a note of placement for me..they were so strict about it
  14. I feel the same exact way! :shame:
  15. I ordered my zucca over the phone. I didn't specifically ask for print placement. We were talking about how cute the print is and I told her I loved the pink elephant and she said she would make a request. Who knows it may or may not be on it.