Do we have a thread showing chevre in different colors?

  1. I'd love to see side by side pics of chevre in various colors--vert anis, black, potiron, ebene, etc. Does this exist? If so, I couldn't find it...thanks!

  2. Hey you read my mind.
  3. Well, I'm going through all the different pics I can find & gonna try to compile a "pic" list of chevre.
  4. It's not a great pic, but my avatar is my rouge vif birkin in chevre!
  5. There's no side by side. But I found this Cocoan! Never thought it looks like this:

    HAC 32 in Cocoan in Chevre de Commandel leather


    Source: Reference Thread - Brown Colour Family
  6. There are tons of pictures of chevre throughout the Reference section.
  7. Right, jag, but not all in one place...trying to figure out how to upload pics right now. For some reason, I'm having trouble doing it. Also, so far, there's not more than 10 that I've found. For me, that's not really that much. Can't find any orange/potiron at all!
  8. Here's a Potiron Chevre:
  9. Sigh....that's the colour I wanted. Had to settle for Havanne instead. :crybaby:
  10. Raisin in cherve:
  11. I'm sorry, Eric. Well, you can always find this later.
  12. ^^ posting the pic for you