do we have a pic of 05 06 whiskey paddy?

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  1. Hiii......!!!!!!!

    I remembered a longgg time ago I think I came across a picture..comparison of 05 and 06 whiskey paddy side by side.

    If anyone knows where that thread is, would you please let me know.
    I want to see the differences, I know the leather is stiffer for the 06 and padlock is lighter...but It's much more satisfying to see the picture itself..
    thanks a bunchhh :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: .

    Also, any picture of whiskey paddy you guys have either year would be helpful.

    thanks againnn :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Here are some pics of my '06 Whiskey. I am not sure the Whiskey color was available in '05, but I could be wrong.
    CIMG0548a.JPG CIMG0552b.JPG
  3. IA with LuvManoloB, the nearest colour to whiskey on 2005 was propably tan, I'm posting here a piccie of mine (it's large size) :flowers:
    tan 034.jpg
  4. oh gosh..
    For so long I thought there was such thing as 2005 whiskey :shame:
    I found the thread, it was LG"s thread, she actually compared her 05 chocolate and 06 whiskey.
    Somehow my brain processed that as both whiskey :sweatdrop: .

    But thanks for posting picture sonja and luvmanolo :flowers:
  5. Here is my 05. The color is so rich and vibrant. Some of the 06 bags don't look like the color saturated the leather properly. My whiskey is super pebbled which I think adds to the richness of the color. Sadly, with all the new Chanel bags in my house my two Paddingtons are screaming to get out of their dustbags!

    Edited to add that although the whiskey is part of the SS06 season it was introduced in 05. I got mine in November, 05 from NM in Chicago.
  6. roey your whiskey is gorgeous!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  7. That whiskey is really amazing!! :love:
  8. The 2005 ones seem to be a little better... :sad:
  9. Here's my Soho Hobo in Tan from 05 and my Whiskey Paddy satchel from 06.
  10. Yep, that's right.:yes:

    Mine can be seen in my avatar;)
  11. thanks ladiesss!!!!:flowers: :flowers:

    IMHO, I still see a lot of distinctive whiskey shades :Push: :Push: :confused1: , despite what everybody says. maybe it's the lighting
  12. Here are some pics of my Whiskey Paddy.