Do we have a "Looking For" thread?

  1. Or even a sticky...I thought this might be a good idea as I know that yesterday I was down at Holt's and saw an Origan City. I thought someone had been looking for one but who...? A lot of us have our "quests" in our signatures, but it might be nice to have a sticky where we could add what style and colour we're looking for and if someone else sees it, they can let us know.
    I guess the only drawback is that we can't edit our posts later if we find the there would be some technical issues...but what do you all think? Would this work or would it be clutter?:smile:
  2. oooh I like that idea!
  3. I think it is a great idea!
  4. Great idea!!!
  5. this is going to be soooo dangerous - LOL! :nuts:
  6. OMG, i love your Cat Jackie. she is so cute.:lol:
  7. Can I be first with my lookin' for? I need, want and would love an 04 Rose City! Thanks!!!:yes:
  8. Best idea I have heard in a long time. I need a Rose City and a Magenta clutch or wallet and the Toilet Case/Travel Case. Jackie, you have my cat! Mine do the same thing and then they fall asleep like that!
  9. This migrated from the Balenciaga forum, I was so confused there for a while:lol:
    I think the major issues would be:
    -Clutter...if we can't edit our posts a week later when we have changed our fickle little minds, threads will pile up
    -Adhering to the no selling or soliciting rule. New members may see it and say, "Oh, I have that to sell, here's the auction link, etc. etc.".
    My intention for the Looking For...thread was mostly that if, say, you walk into a store and see an item somebody wants, you can let them know so they can call the store and purchase it from there. Or post Ebay auctions as long as they aren't your own (I THINK that's allowed). I think that making sure to avoid any selling innuendos might be tricky but overall I think it would be a very useful tool, especially in each designer forum:smile:
  10. There's an entire section for this sort of post in the Marketplaza, I believe. ... which puts us in a sticky situation that you nailed on the head. There's nothing preventing people from conducting transactions in private, which defeats the purpose of having a restricted selling area. More importantly, there's nothing from preventing a scammer from making an account on the site and getting in touch with the person who's hungry to buy that certain something.

    I'm on another forum that discourages members from even posting their wishlists in their signature for this very reason. (Instead, members are encouraged to post a link to their wishlist. Discourage scammers by making them work a little harder.)
  11. One reason why we do not allow public trading is that we don't want our members to get burned by scammers. It's happened before months ago and hence public trading is strictly prohibited on tPF. Threads like these only encourage people to break this rule.

    It's easier for us to do it the other way around: The Achtung, Balenciaga section is there for you guys to share location of particular bags you see in a store and if someone is looking for the bag, they can go about their business off the board.
  12. That makes a lot of sense, Vlad, thank you...I could see how it would spiral into something far away from the original intent...I'm glad we can hash out suggestions this way and discuss their efficacy. Thanks:flowers:
  13. I see what you mean, last thing I want is to be scammed with a fake cat is a "ham", he is always posing for us and especially when "company" comes over!