Do we have a daily shoe thread?

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  1. If not I'll kick it off;) !
  2. i think we do have one, but without photoes...i think it's a great idea, though;);)
  3. I'm not sure showing my feet off is such a good idea :Push: but I'm wearing Kors by Michael Kors gold wedged today
    Picture 018.jpg
  4. SUPER CUTE! I love Kors shoes. What color nail polish is that? LOL.
  5. Hot shoes. I'm sure it's a good idea.
  6. Fendifemale those are gorgeous. Who makes them?
  7. Thanks girls, these shoes are so comfortable, I've been wearing them almost every day this summer. The nailpolish is beige with a metallic shine I think :oh:
  8. :P They're not even designer! Unlisted is the brand.
  9. I wore Coach kitten heels, they're mainly swede but the front pointy bit is patent leather, they're very confy :wlae:
    coach kitten heels.jpg
  10. Hurraches.
  11. sexy!:yes:
  12. No pic, but I'm wearing dark brown michael kors mazatlan sandals.
  13. :crybaby: I wanted to see those.
  14. I just got these today.. OMG they are so comfy :yes:
  15. OMG they are so cute! Don't you just love wedges, they are so good to your feet.
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