Do we even like our Leonor anymore?

  1. i have the monogram canvas one.. not the multicolor... and i wore it like 5-6 times and i had it for a while already.... it's been in its dustbag... is that mean to the bag? what should i do if i don't wear it at all
  2. and my cousin has the multicolor one.. and she doesn't even wear hers either :sad:
    maybe she wore it like once... is that because the Leonor is not popular?
  3. WE LOVE IT!

    We just dislike the fact we have to unbuckle it to open.

    BUT we do love it.

    keep it!
  4. my cousin bought her for like 3600... i'm serious.. i was there with her when i bought mine and she bought the multicolor one... and she carried it like once... i swear, i never seen the 2nd time..
  5. Just wait a couple years and bust out with it, people will be drooooooooooooooooooling.
  6. It's more like a showpiece than an everyday sort of thing. You can only wear it so often because it's so BAM!
  7. 3600? Talk about a rip off, I just got this off eluxury literally 4 seconds ago... 2760...
  8. It's a beautiful bag, no doubt but that buckle would be a PITA !!
  9. I love Leonor, especially the mono version. Hang onto her...and take her out once in a while!
  10. If you don't use it - sell it! They do very well on eBay!!!;) You can always get something that you'll use more with the $$$ you get from selling it!
  11. I love the Leanor!!!! I don't like the big buckle, but for the look of the bag...I would deal!!
  12. The monogram leonor.

    OMG!!!! That is one of my dream bags. I would love to own one. :heart: By the time I discovered it--it was too late. They were already discontinued :sad:

    I love love love that bag. Its so in-your-face. Love it. Wish is were you :P
  13. I agree with LV_addict, SELL IT! If you don't carry it all that much, I think it simply means you're not all that in love with it, or perhaps it's just not practical enough...whatever the reason, a bag that expensive is MEANT to be used well and I say that if your relationship with Leonor is failing, then call it a break and dump him!!! lol

    PS: I personally love the Leonor...I think it's really feminine and cute! :love:
  14. I love that bag too, especially in monogram:love:

    keep it!!
  15. OMG!!!! I LOVE that bag, adore that bag, it's soooo girlie, it's so me, I'd do anything to get my hands on one, I actually love the monogram one, cause I love the way the leather looks against the regular mono, but the MC is to die for too.

    Can't believe you don't love it and sleep with it every night....

    wow. Viva la differance (I guess)...