do wallets come with a dustbag?

  1. i'm just wondering if the wallets come with a dust bag? does a keycles come with one??
  2. Wallets and keycles come with a box ..
  3. ^ yep and tissue paper with special LV stickers lol
  4. yep they do :smile:
  5. The mc wallets come with a dust. But i dont think with the monogram.
  6. My perfo didn't i don't think. I think just the box and tissue paper.
  7. I got a dust bag with my mono pti wallet and gift box., same thing with my mc agenda.
  8. My wallets so far have all come with dustbags and boxes. Of course, I got them from Eluxury so maybe they always do that.
  9. i didn't get a dustbag with my mono wallet, but i got one for my mono makeup bag (which i thought was weird)
  10. I got a cute little drawstring one with my Mono French Purse about 6 years ago.
  11. ELux is much better at the packaging and boxes. My Epi wallet from Tysons NM LV came with nothing. :sad: But the nice SA at the Fairfax Square LV store gave me a bag for it when I asked. :smile:
  12. Just ask for it =) But the MC ones come with one.
  13. Same here when I got my clef mono perfo it didn't come with a dust bag, I had to ask for it, my SA gave it to me. You just need to ask for it.

    Usually the wallets come wwith dust bag, for ,y MC koala I got one, with my vernis viennois too.

  14. They didn't for my cles purchase, but I know they could have given one to me but I forgot to ask. so boo hoo! :sad:
  15. I did for my vernis ludlow.