Do waitlists work?

  1. Sisters,

    I've never been on a waitlist for bbags (I'm new to this fiesta) so I don't know how to do it or if these waitlists actually are organized enough to work. How do I do it and have you had good experiences with them and what are the secret tricks that those in the know know about? tell all, Ladies! Give me some good news.

    p.s. just got a BEAUTIFUL compagnon '07 turquoise in the mail this week to go with my first bbag that I bought in Sept--a lovely chocolate brown part time with gsh. awesome! fun fun fun.
  2. Waitlists. There can always be ocassional mistakes anywhere, unintended but upsetting to the person who might miss out. If you are referring to the BALNY list, in all fairness I have to say it works, IMO. They have been doing it for a long time, they understand what people have invested in it, they don't lose it or forget about it, and seem to me to adhere to it. I have not had that experience everywhere, and it was especially true a few years ago when the bag supply was more limited. I tend to list early and hope. It doesn't mean I always get everything I list for, since others may get there before me, but I feel I get fair treatment, and that is really all I ask.
  3. Yes, they work quite well in my experience. Once you decide what bags you would like from the coming collection, you call the store and tell them what bags you want to be waitlisted for. I purchased my first Bbag a year ago, and since I wanted bags from past seasons I bought most of my bags from eBay. So F/W 07 was the first time I was on the waitlists for new bags. I bought them through Bal, NY and I was happy with how the waitlists worked. I got a Violet City and a Jaune Coin Purse from Bal, NY. From Barney's Beverly Hills I got a Violet Coin Purse, and from a store in Denmark I got a Violet MakeUp bag. I had decided Violet was too dark for me in the larger bags so I sold my City, and when Bal, NY called to tell me a Violet First came in for me (I guess I was at the top of the list for the Firsts) I passed on it, which you can do on any bag you are on a waitlist for without being charged of course. I have a new SA at Bal, NY who picked out a perfect 07 Black Coin Purse for me recently. I hope that was of some help.

    Btw, a little FYI for you. There is no 07 Turquoise, if you have the paper tag for you Compagnon and can tell me what number follows 2007, I could tell you what the official color name is.
  4. the number that follows the 2007 is 1
  5. I guess I should say "aquamarine," right?
  6. one more thing--is it wise to get a referral for a SA? Does the SA matter in matters of waitlists?
  7. moving to shopping...

    (BTW, I put my name on a BalNY wait list last season for a violet something. I never got a call, but I have been so broke buying off-season bags I was kinda glad :shame:smile: