Do vintage ferragamo bags have serial numbers?

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  1. Hi there - have you ever heard of a vintage ferragamo bag NOT having a serial number? saw a lovely bag on etsy (already posted this in the authentication thread but got no replies) - but it has no serial number leather tag on the inside. Is it definitely a fake or are there some old bags that don't have serial numbers?

    Here is a photo of the inside (tried to attach but it was too large)

  2. Sorry, we are a low traffic forum. I do not have any vintage bags. Sit tight and someone is bound to answer.
  3. Yeah it's interesting - the first time I saw one without a serial number, I emailed back and forth with the seller, who then slashed the price in half when she realized it might be a fake. I just saw another vintage bag listed on etsy/ebay, and again emailed the seller who responded that the vintage ferragamos never have serial numbers. This seems strange because I know I have seen some very old bags on ebay that definitely had serial numbers. But then again, do faux-vintage ferragamos really exist? The only definite fakes I see regularly on ebay are the Varina flats - the sellers that are in China and have pairs in every color and every size.

    Anyways, hoping someone responds...eventually...the authentication thread also seems to be DOA =(
  4. Hmmm, slashing the price because she suspects a fake? How about not selling it at all? Selling a fake is a felony in the US.

    I'm sure there are vintage fakes. Fakes of all kinds have been around since time immemorial.
  5. I've seen some fake Ferragamos, but never fake vintage Fs....only fake vintage Chanel. Go back to the seller's feedback history/ratings - reputable sellers, as least from my experience, would rather take down a listing when suspecting they're selling a fake(sometimes the seller's just a consignment store getting stuff from other people or estate sellers, etc) than risk selling it and receiving a dent in their feedback.
  6. How old is the vintage bag in question?

    My mother and Thatcher were bag twins in the 80s, so I have a couple to look at.

    In the 80s, the tags read:
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Firenze 4
    Made in Italy

    Starting in the 90s, they began to have serial numbers and look like current bags.

  7. Hi there,

    I know this is an old thread but I'm hoping someone will respond.

    I bought a vintage ferragamo classic bow bag, link here:

    The bag looks and feels authentic, with genuine leather interior and lining but it has no serial number and absolutely NO writing inside, not even where it's made, if the bag in question is more than 20 years old, does that make sense? Anyone else seen anything like it?

    I really doubt replica bag will use leather interior as it's not present even on authentic new bags anymore, any help will be appreciated
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    What does "Firenze 7" mean? Firenze refers to Florence, right? But the 7? I've seen some purses say "Firenze 17"...what's the number indicate?

    Is there such a thing as a handwritten serial number on a tag?

    I bought a Salvatore Ferragamo at a thrift store that appears to be vintage. The brass looks somewhat worn and the saddle bag, I think the type is called, is a bit scuffed.

    When I checked the tags, it says:
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Firenze 7

    Also inside was a 1.5" x .75" brown tag that read "32/2344" in handwritten pencil/dark pen. The last 2 numbers, "-44" could be 9's. So, could be "32/2399" or "32/2349" or "32/2394".

    As I was cleaning, I pulled the tag a little too hard and it gently released from the purse. Ugh. As i cleaned further, not that this is a dirty purse, I noticed the wall pocket, which has a zipper, was open at the bottom and I could see the guts of the purse. Sigh, no problem since I know it was a thrift store purchase.

    The "brass" holding the strap together on both sides looks greenish on the inside of the bag. Just wondering if this is possibly oxidation and truly indicating "vintage".

    Since I can see the guts, any idea what else I should look for inside to authenticate?

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  9. Saw a vintage crossbody with leather lining...from the 60s. There's a serial number. Would that make sense?
  10. I just checked and one of my ferragamo bags from about 1996 does have a serial number.
  11. i bag is from somewhere around 94-ish and it has a serial number also
  12. Hi there, is there a certain format the serial numbers on ferragamo bags follow? I just bought a bag on ebay and it looks good but i'm suddenly paranoid that it could be a fake :sad:
  13. My (mid) 1990s is numbered.
  14. I have this very same Ferragamo and wondered about its authenticity. It has the name Ferragamo engraved in all the hardware (zipper pulls, even interior clips to hold the convertible handle.);) It also has the gorgeous black silk signature lining. However, mine does have a leather tag Below the zippered interior pocket with the words Salvatore Ferragamo Made in Italy and a serial number.

    Think I'll send pix to an "authenticator" and see what response I get.