Do VIC / VIP's get stuff early?

  1. How is it that some people on Ebat have stuff to sell that isn't even in stores yet?
    Like the pomme heart.:heart:

  2. I had heard that some stores (like Hawaii for example) were already selling them a couple of weeks ago.
    My mom and I are VICs and we never get anything early because of store policy.
  3. That's true, LV takes care of their frequent customers that have bought lots first, their "V.I.P's".
  4. I live in Hawaii and got the call for the Pomme heart in the beginning of January. Apparently they were selling them as soon as they got them in to those on the waitlist. I didn't purchase it because it wasn't as big as I thought it would be.
  5. eboutique might work for lv though she has everything even the disc jockey bag.

  6. When I asked about it a few weeks ago the SA at Ala Moana said a customer complained that another store was selling them so they started selling it and sold out like that day.
  7. I just had a look at eboutique's auction, and all I can say is "wow" at the bag. The alligator skin is just TDF! I don't like the headphone part and I can imagine that the custom fees would be crazy on this bag :wtf: .

    Do you think eboutique is a VVIP or someone who works in the fashion/media industry hence they can get limited items?
  8. FYI, the headphone bag could be had relatively easily, i.e. if you could afford it. This bag was specifically upon customer's request due to its price tag.
  9. OMG!That's one ugly bag. :throwup:
  10. ^^^Don't you like it then :p
  11. Yeah, I was also offered the headphone bag. Just like the $150,000 solid gold clutch. If you can afford it, it's all yours.
  12. At times, I wish I was living in Hawaii. Lower prices, lower tax AND getting certain new stuff before anyone else. sigh....
  13. Stores are not suppose to release stuff early...and VF is a stickler! So VIC gets you higher on the list, and stuff on release day.

    It does give you some flexabilty on waitlists too.
  14. i think that bag is unique with the headphones.
  15. Also Eboutique has tons of Miroir speedies - how can she (he?) get so many??

    DJ bag - Ya, I'm not diggin that.

    $150 000 for a gold clutch??? That is ridonkulous! I am all for having luxeries but $150 000 for a bag??? Sorry to be a killjoy but that can buy a home for a family!!!