Do Very Prive Patent Nude come in a lower heel than 100?

  1. if so, where can i find them? i've never seen them before...

  2. Saks in San Francisco has them in the 70mm and I think the CL boutique in Beverly Hills. cjy has them, check out the post your Louboutins post.
  3. Yes I got mine from San Francisco Saks. :heart:
    Barneys has them on their site, not nude though.
  4. how do you like them? are they as sexy as the higher ones? i'd love to see a pic :smile:

  5. here are some pics. Sorry about the lilly white legs!
    IMG_0106.JPG IMG_0103.JPG
  6. those look awesome on you!!! i can't do slingbacks though...the strap always falls down even with the foot petals...i called the BH store and they have the very prive in 70mm in nude patent but smallest size left is 40 and i'm a 37.5 :sad:

    how does the heel look to you? i know they're comfy but are they sexy too?
  7. i saw them today at saks has them too
  8. I like it!
  9. I like them too CJY I have the nude VP's with closed back and no gold on tip, and I love them, although I really want the ones CJY has now, lol