Do VCA make a triple strand alhambra necklace?

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  1. A friend of a friend had a triple strand necklace on. Not a long necklace she triple looped (according to my mom, I wasn't there), but a triple strand..maybe with mother of pearl? I haven't seen this before. Does anyone know what she is talking about and if so, the price? My mom is looking for a multiple strand necklace and is hesitating to get the longer one and double loop it. Thanks!
  2. Maybe she combined 2--the 20 motif to the 10 motif necklaces. Just my guess.
  3. that's exactly what i did. i end up buying 2 necklaces so i get the triple strand look and the layering look.
  4. My mom seems to think that it was definitely a triple chain. I looked at the heidi klum stuff online and there is a triple strand there. Hmm..

    PS, I am totally lusting after everything alhambra!